Can someone explain the whole Internet Wrestling Titles

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  1. It looks pretty cool but I'm not finding a section on how to play or how you get them really.
  2. Basically you can make up a persona of sorts for yourself then go challenge people for a match, NO.1 Contenders or Title shots.

    The battles will consist of Promo's and anything really said in there is in Kayfabe (I.E not what you really mean).

    There is a thread in there somewhere that explains all this.

    Edit: there isn't, so can someone who is incharge of the section please make one explaining the rules and stuff so new users can see and have it stickied KTHNX.

    Any info required should be in there. I've stickied this thread so new members can see it, no idea why it wasn't stuck in the first place.
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  4. Because Jonathan is the mod here :pity1:
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