Can Stephanie McMahon run a wrestling promotion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. This is a question that bothers me a lot. Can she run a wrestling promotion just like her mother did in the past? Can she run it on the same successful line as her father?

    Now, let's say she takes over, and after a while does a horrible job. What happens than? I know she will have Triple H next to her, but what if they fail to hold the company on the same level before they took over?
  2. I think HHH will be the main guy, not Steph. I believe he'll do a good job.
  3. No. There have been countless reports on her nonsense creative decisions. While they might just be reports, I do think they would have some truth in it giving the vast amounts.
  4. I think she would be fine running the business side of things, and maybe she can give some suggestions on creative. But overall, she should not be in charge of creative, but she never would be. We have Haitch for that
  5. I'm hoping HHH takes it back to the old school, no more Hollywood writers, and give the talent a chance to put themselves over. It's what made him and DX successful, I doubt they would've been as popular if they were given scripts to follow.
  6. Steph and HHH can make a GREAT job, but they won't be a half of Vince McMahon, the show will go on but it won't be the same
  7. I don't know about Steph but I'm pretty much optimistic about HHH, considering the way NXT is going which I find sometimes more entertainng than RAW, with also the reports that he wants to improve the Tag Team Division or something like that which is also something great to know.
  8. Left all on her own, she can and probably would bury the business. Word is she was the one who wrote the entire Kane/Cena/Ryder/Eve soap opera nonsense last year and was practically patting herself on the back for it, even though one of it's segments drew the lowest rated Raw segment in fifteen years. There's other examples (most of them from ex-writers who worked there) which suggest she is pretty underwhelming on the creative side of things.

    As mentioned, as long as Triple H is running the creative side and Steph more of the business side, things should turn out to be fine at least. I doubt they would be able to sustain the same vision Vince has on his greatest days, but they won't go bankrupt or anything.

    One thing to be concerned about is if anything ever happens between HHH and Stephanie. Divorce happens, and if anything were to happen between them, then Triple H is without a job and we're left with Stephanie running the entire ship.
  9. Vince will always be running WWE. The man is immortal.
  10. I don't know if she would be(no evidence). I'm assuming Trips would have a say in it if she did though.
  11. Although I may have not liked the idea of HHH running the a couple of months ago however I feel as if he's doing a great job with TNA. As for Stephanie, I'm not quiet sure - I don't think she'd be able to run WWE, no.
  12. ? say what?:mad2:
  13. I think he meant NXT, otherwise... why HHH why :sad:
  14. Good call. I'm on four hours of sleep. Easy mistake now that I think about it.
  15. Isn't she in charge of creative now? If the answer id yes, then no she can not run a wrestling promotion.
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