Can Styles claim Reigns' WWE World Heavyweight Title?

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  1. He's in the race for the title to hype up the fact styles is 'new guy' in a new area but he has old school wrestling. He's in it to hype it out, but he won't win it like he should.
  2. I'd be surprised if he did.
  3. I think styles is 38, not that his age means anything but he should be champion---the problem is he shows up 3 months and wins a title that's not really good booking because it's unfair for him to just win that title however since he's so over it's a heck of a reward, to be quite honest he should win it but the logic would be not to allow him till he build that up. The other thing here is reigns should be heel, so that styles can "defeat the bad guy" as it were...
  4. Redneck jabroni aint winning shit.
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    I think Reigns is going to defeat Styles at Payback and trigger the heel turn. I wouldn't bet on Styles becoming the new WWE-WHC, as much as I love the guy.

    Another scenario is that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are going to get involved and help Styles defeat Reigns. Although, I do not think that's very likely, 'cause all signs have been pointing at Doc and Karl alligning themselves with Bálor and thus forming Bálor Club. So, I guess we'll see.

    If neither of this happens, oh well, then.
  6. styles is a money maker and it's obvious, his age just doesn't smell that way, he's limited time period to be champion, can he go past 45?
  7. Before he signed with WWE, I think he'd said he wants to be done wrestling at like 42-43.

    But, now that he is in the 'E, I think he'll continue to work just as hard and last as long as he possibly can, in order to provide a better life for his family.
  8. so that only leaves him at a small window to be champion for a few sessions and then retire knowing he reached the peak?...
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