Can the Cruiserweights be Saved?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Fair Fight Wrestling, Jul 3, 2017.

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  2. They're doing just fine. I would lose the purple ropes and shit personally, but that's apples and oranges. They hardly need saving.
  3. Whats wrong with them hving prpl ropes?
  4. Eh. The theme is just stupid. Really. I mean, purple doesn't fit the whole cruiserweight theme. Purple is the color of royalty. Notice Neville's "king of cruiserweights" run? Vince designed the gimmick for a reason.

    They're trying to go with a theme system: Smackdown = Blue, Raw = Red, Cruiserweights = Purple, NXT = Yellow.
  5. Yeah, let HHH be in charge of it.
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  6. Ah! I see. Ok
  7. ......This is going to sound pretty crazy, but they may not need it.
    I can buy that the Cruiserweight championship as being the top person of this division - and Neville as King of the Cruiserweights has given them a really good platform to launch him.

    Mission accomplished.
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  8. It's just a standard Vince move. He loves to brand things. Purple is the brand of the cruiserweights. If they get over, you can market purple rings for kids to play with. To me, it is not ideal because it shows me that they are less than the main roster.

    I know if the purple ropes come out, that it's time go fast forward or go do something else while the jobber match happens.
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  9. My initial guess is that the entire roster has such gifted wrestlers overall that the cruiserweight cannot stand out. In years past, cruisers generally put on wrestling clinics, they were superior to the heavyweights in that particular regard. This isn't the case nowadays.

    To Snowman's point, Neville had already been established prior to the creation of the cruiserweight division. This can only mean that his dominance serves little purpose in creating any fresh names.

    All that being said, its time to give Asian talent their due. This division will remain stale if they insist on putting the chamionship on North American/European talent.

    Just like in the mid 90's when there was a revolution of Mexican talent, there is now an influx of Asian talent that is ready. This won't 'save' the division but it would help ingratiate themselves to the Asian demographic for Monday Night RAW
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  10. I really dont care for the Cruiserweights. It is just so repetetive.
  11. Absolutely on point.

    If you'd ask me what the problem is with the cruiserweight division, it's the handcuffs. You can just differentiate the division by letting them go out and work indy-style matches in the middle of Raw, with non-stop action and no-selling and flippy shit and chaos, instead of the typical rest holds and signature spot-based offense that WWE loves. They're putting on the same style of matches as the rest of the roster - especially with Balor and Rollins on it - so what's the appeal?

    And as you say, if this is a good chance to throw a belt on Akira Tozawa, I'd be down for that. And Neville absolutely could main event again, but it would have to be as a babyface against one of these behemoths (unless you want to throw him against #IgnoreReigns lol)

    The weird thing is, if you can find a way to at least get the Raw division over, there's a chance for the Cruiserweight championship to mean something. You know how I feel about midcard titles and there's a reason why Neville's probably WWE's overall Wrestler of the Year in 2017
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  12. Let them work like cruiserweights. Let them do all the flips, dives and 'ranas they can. Let them work a little stiff. With all that in mind their matches should be fast paced as well.

    If anything though WWE needs to start integrating the cruiserweights into the regular roster. Like putting two guys from the division together to go for the tag team championships or having the CW champion compete for like the IC or Uni' title.
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  13. Ideas:
    Let the Cruiserweights wrestle like Cruiserweights...

    2). Have the Cruiserweights band together like an army (led of course by Neville)
    and stage a Invasion/Nexus style angle where they attack the "main division"
    wrestlers culminating in a RAW vs. 205 Live pay per view.

    3). Cancel 205 Live, split the roster (70% RAW 30% SmackDown) and allow the
    Cruiserweight Champion to drift between the brands...not jut RAW & SmackDown
    but also NXT.

    And I'm done...
  14. Also always loved the idea of 205 Live airing 8 PM on Monday on USA, with Raw starting at 9
  15. Restricting them as cruiserweights is the first thing. I don't think they can be saved until they are actually allowed to be cruiserweights in the first place lmaoo.
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  16. The cruiserweights need to go. Was a terrible idea. They brought in way too many guys at once with no build. Now it's just Neville squashing everyone. The matches and segments have turned into the piss break times. Guess that's good news for the women's wrestling
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