Evolution Can The "Developmental Territories" Steal the Show?

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Apr 16, 2016
That's right, Beavie is actually contributing to a thread!

Partially as cover up for the Crown Jewel *censored* which I don't have any interest in watching right now, WWE has pushed the idea of an all Women's PPV forward, and while it'll be unfortunate if they likely push the "historic" and "ground-breaking" monikers too hard as they have done as of late, there is no denying that in the simple fact that it is happening is a big deal. WWE, don't *censored* it up. But so far the main roster's matches are alright, but not exactly the best in terms of match quality.

We have a Raw Women's Title match between Ronda Rousey and a part-time Nikki Bella who is perhaps not always known for being the greatest (although compared to how Brie's performed as of late, whatever). While Ronda has main-stream star power and is a natural performer, she needs to be lead a lot in matches especially since from what I hear, her matches are often very planned. And Nikki Bella, with all due respect to her, in 2018, I have no interest in seeing her wrestle. Expecting Ronda to win, but I'm not too interested.

Then, a tag team match with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James against Lita and Trist Stratus. Seems good on paper, but considering two of the girls in this match are retired and have barely wrestled over the past several years, I'm not expecting to be blown away. So this match is kinda a pass.

The main roster match I am most looking forward to, however, is the Last Women Standing match between everyone's favourite wrestler right now, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair. They have the ability to put on great matches and if they let them loose, it can be brutal and intense along with being technically sound, but the big if is that rumours have it that Becky is working injured. If she isn't healed by then, this will affect how she at least performs.

So one match I have no interest in seeing, one which is kinda a "meh," and one really good. There are probably more to come, but what I am really interested in are the matches from NXT.

First, we have Kairi Sane against Shayna Baszler. They already had a solid match at the last NXT Takeover, and with Kairi being one of the best wrestlers on the Women's Roster and Shayna improving day by day and being kinda scary, I expect them to follow suit with having a good match.

Then, this match is the whole reason why I have a spoiler on this thread. It is from NXT UK:

I'm not the most familiar with them, but in general, I've been incredibly impressed with the UK scene as a whole. I think it'd be a great showcase for a country of great gals. But the one I am most looking forward to is...

The Mae Young Classic Two finals between Toni Storm and Io Shirai. I am familiar with Toni from my new interest in PROGRESS Wrestling in the UK, and from what I saw from the last Mae Young Classic and this year's, she can put on a great match and Io Shirai is talked about as one of, if not the, best women's wrestler in the world and from the bits I saw in the Mae Young Classic, I'm already impressed.

So really, this thread is to kind of show the potential that the NXT matches have on this show, and yes I count the Mae Young Classic as NXT since they all are signed to either NXT or NXT UK. The main roster is always hit and miss, but with NXT alongside the main roster, this may be NXT's chance to draw people from the casual audience in. We can be frustrated that Nikki Bella is main eventing. We may be frustrated if Becky ends up losing the title due to her injury or there is a wonky finish. I'm sure no matter what result of the tag team match, people will complain, either complaining if the retired wrestlers go over on women who wrestle full time, or if Alexa Bliss wins. But the NXT matches just seem like enjoyable matches which will draw me in if given enough time.

So, what do you guys think? Will the NXT and NXT UK matches outshine those of the main roster women or even the women of the past? Is the Future now? Or is the Beaver going crazy after seeing all those LOG memes?

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Sep 30, 2016
but the big if is that rumors have it that Becky is working injured. If she isn't healed by then, this will affect how she at least performs.
Becky MAYBE injured?


Well...that may explain why the Super Show-Down match was barely
10 minutes long...

That would be a HUGE shame if Becky dropped the title back to Charlotte &
had to take time off to recover from this rumored injury...especially considering
she is literally on fire at the moment.

Maybe that's why they have booked the match as a Last Woman Standing...
so they can write Becky off TV with a crazy spot & have Charlotte win the
belt back.

I mean no one else on SDL would make a valid Champion besides Charlotte
at this point in time...

God...I hope this injury is just a rumor.

~ I personally don't care about the Lita/Trish vs. Mickie/Alexa match...in fact the
match could turn out to be an embarrassing ordeal with Mickie James the only
one able to work a decent match on the night. I've never rated Lita & Alexa is
awful & awkward...so hopefully Mickie & Trish can carry the match.

~ Kairi vs. Shayna will hopefully be as good if not better than their TakeOver match...
seriously...that was the best women's match on a TakeOver since Asuka left.

~ I'm sure the Mae Young Classic will be good...even if I've never seen either woman
wrestle before...

~ Ronda vs. Nikki...well...I'm sure it will be better than Ronda vs. Stephanie, Nia &
Alexa...but I'm not really that excited about Ronda Rousey anymore. Watching
Alexa Piss kick the shit out of her for the better part of 12 minutes made Ronda
look weak & lame to me personally...so whatever...she is just like everyone else

I know wrestling is fake & staged...but I just can't buy into Alexa Bitch being so
dominant with her lack of size, speed & skill. She is ruining the entire women's
division by making all the other women look weak as piss.

Overall I do have high hopes for Evolution...and I will try my best to be positive about
the show...but no one gets a free pass from me...and if I think the show is bad...I will
let everyone know just what my opinion is.

Of course...the only match I'm REALLY invested in is Becky vs. Charlotte...and I'm
hoping those women tear the roof off the place.


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Mar 28, 2018
Toni vs Io is going to be a classic and Shayna vs Kairi will be another classic and the two best matches of the night.

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Jun 4, 2016
Well...that may explain why the Super Show-Down match was barely
10 minutes long...
Super Slow-Down match Am'I right? :dog2:
That's right, Beavie is actually contributing to a thread!

As for the OP...
There is a good chance NXT does outshine the main roster. I mean the biggest issue I have with this women's only PPV is that it will put the spotlight on these women... which means if they mess up, it will be a lot more noticeable. The main roster seems to struggle more with injuries and botched moves than NXT and this should not be the case. I guess we will see what happens. I think Becky and Charlotte may put on the match of the night if all things go well. If they don't, one of the NXT matches will take it for sure.

Partially as cover up for the Crown Jewel
My thoughts on that PPV and the phrase you used in one image:

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Nov 29, 2017
Io Shirai and Toni Storm looks really good on paper, hopefully it delivers.

That tag match. Mickie and Alexa are great, but not sure what Trish and Lita can do anymore.. Wait and see what happens with that one.

The rest of the matches are meh, a lot of rematches that have no interest.

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Sep 30, 2016
Mickie and Alexa are great,
Yeah...but its a wrestling match...not a debate...
so Alexa will most likely look awful & awkward
like always.

Super Slow-Down match Am'I right?
I...I want that to be funny...but it isn't.

I think Becky and Charlotte may put on the match of the night if all things go well.


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Feb 5, 2012
I'd assume so just based off the track record of NXT's matches...

Yeah. That's all I've got to say about that. Hell Enzo and Cass vs the Revival put on one hell of a match at that one house show PPV thingie and they outshined Hunter vs Ambrose

Shoot and what I've seen of Becky vs Charlotte so far has been some quality too.
There's no chance the battle royal, Team 2003 vs Team 2008 or the six-woman outshine either of these.

I'm definitely expecting a sleeper hit out of Ronda vs Nikki. Part of me wonders just out of sheer emotion if this could top it, but... I doubt it.
If anyone can draw sheer emotion it's Shayna, no matter how much of a "heat magnet" Nikki Bella is.