WrestleMania Can The Rock win at Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Give me some optimism. It seems set in stone that Cena gets his revenge win and takes the title (then Rock gives respect and leaves), so pitch a case where The Rock can win. If Rock does win, what happens with the title?
  2. No. I don't see it happening at all. If Rock wins, he'd have to lose his title at another PPV and I doubt Rock will be working up to another PPV since he's gonna be busy filming movies overseas. The match could have some kind of unexpected moments I guess but the outcome will be Cena winning.
  3. No, this won't happen. John Cena is the face of the company which means he won't be losing twice to The Rock on two consecutive occasions at WrestleMania. They'll have to eventually make The Rock lose the championship to someone else at another PPV which won't happen.

    John Cena will be defeating The Rock this year at WrestleMania to become the WWE Champion.
  4. It's a 3 Way at WM with Punk, jack.

  5. Lol, I'd take that. Better than Cena winning. Punk's another 400+ days of championship reign. :ryan1:
  6. If Rock won, who would eventually beat him? After beating Punk at least twice, he's not losing it to him and after coming off such a long reign, I really don't care to see Punk win the belt again anytime soon. Guys like Ziggler or Bryan or whoever beating Rock just isn't realistic (at all...), and they're not at the point where I'd want to see them do it anyway. Cena is the only guy I can see being put over Rock at the moment.

    Yeah, it makes the outcome of it all a bit obvious, but it also seemed obvious that Cena was winning the Rumble, Rock was winning the title and that Rock/Punk would go on last at the PPV, but all three still happened. I wouldn't look forward to any other outcome to Wrestlemania than Cena walking out with the belt. And I don't even wish against it, because Cena losing to The Rock again would almost confirm that Rock/Cena III is happening, because there's no way Cena isn't getting his big win over Rock at some point.
  7. I don't think it will happen but it's possible since the rock just signed a new one year deal. He would need to come peridocially to events to defend his title though, which may conflict with his schedule.
  8. Unfortunately I don't see The Rock winning at Wrestlemania...however I'd welcome any miracle scenario where there could be a three-way match of Cena/Rock/Punk and Punk wins back his title.
  9. I have read some dirtsheet report which states that both Rock and Lesner are scheduled and signed up for Summerslam / Survivor series, which one exactly i forgot.

    Lesner taking the belt off Rock and loosing it to cena/taker at wrestlemania?
  10. Rock signed for other year, so he can win. Want Cena to win it, but maybe WWE wants The Rock to still be champ
  11. No, he can't. Wouldn't make sense. As much as I don't want Cena as champ, it doesn't make sense for him to retain against Cena, beating him one more time.
  12. just thought of something if cena wins will rock get his rematch and when
  13. Sets up Cena-Jericho at Extreme Rules.
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