Can the streak be inherited?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. This of course, would mean that the streak would end. But let's say that an up and coming wrestler (let's say Roman Reigns just as an example) ends the streak at Wrestlemania. If he were then to win at the next Wrestlemania, and the year after that, and after that and so on and so forth. Until he has a little streak of himself going which was then turned into a streak akin to Undertaker's (with wrestlers lining up to try and end it). Could that work?

    His streak would be started by ending arguably the greatest streak in history. It would require a special talent though, one who will be in it for the long run, have that certain IT factor, ring skill and ability to become a big deal to equal taker over time.

    I know it is a long shot. But if all the stars were aligned and it was handled correctly, could you see the streak itself being passed on instead of just ending?
  2. I swear I made this thread before :hmm:
  3. I came up with a fantasy scenario once before about how if Bill Goldberg was exactly the same as he was in 1997/1998 WCW when he got hot but he happened to be a modern day WWE creation instead, imagine he squared off against Undertaker in a Streak/Streak match at Wrestlemania (would be huge) and defeated Undertaker. If you look at Goldberg's WCW career, he became world champion when he wasn't even there a year, so imagine he got over just as popular in the WWE and that this was literally his first ever Wrestlemania match. He ends the immortal Wrestlemania streak in his first ever Wrestlemania match, and even after he eventually loses his first match period, he could still maintain the notion of an undefeated streak as apart of his gimmick by always remaining undefeated at Wrestlemania every year. Complete fantasy scenario, but it would work.
  4. I don't think that'd work. Once he retires or loses, it's over. If they want to start a new one after that, it's a different story.
  5. Well yeah, that's the same with everyone who has/had a streak...
  6. I think Miz is unbeaten at mania:otunga:
  7. Thank you Mr.Wizard, that was my point.
  8. Miz will have a longer streak than Taker :robbie:

    @"Senhor Perfect" :otunga:
  9. :annoyed: NEVER!
  10. Explain then why someone having a streak that is branched off from someone else's undefeated streak "would never work."
  11. The Undertaker's streak is so iconic and unique that any offshoot of it would be an obvious, pathetic attempt to piggyback off of his success. As I said, if they want to start a new streak that doesn't have anything to do with the Undertaker then it would have a much better chance to succeed. Being constantly compared to one of the greatest wrestlers/accomplishments ever is a no win situation for whomever would be burdened with it.
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  12. In theory that could work with a having streak and then if fainlly to new guy and he now is the guy that will be unbeat and have the streak go on in his career. But it will NEVER WORK! Undrtaker Streak was never plan to be a WM Unbeatin Streak the ownly that could end and carry that leagry on is someone who wwe trust will be there for a long time and be the next big time star! Which will never have been b/c WWE does know who of any of the mid card that are on the current will be that next big star. And a lready big star will not end b/c that would not need it to be a big star! Like HBK,HHH and Like CM Punk sadly (Though it could have cm punk if he did ened only to put him up this with no debad with John Cena) but other that it did nothing for Punk. Which is why the Streak WILL NEVER END!
  13. Gohan makes a good point
  14. But if he retires and don't lose at WrestleMania the undefeated streak won't be over but he won't win any other match
  15. There's nothing wrong with retiring undefeated at WM.
  16. I know, I'd personally love to see that, but you said it'd be over and it'll be if he loses but if he doesn't it won't die because it'd be a part of the history
  17. Which is why connecting it to someone else wouldn't make sense cause they could never live up to it.
  18. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. It'd be interesting.
  19. It depends on how it was worked. I like my Goldberg idea, though it's entirely fantasy booking (but the mere thread title encouraged that.) In another situation, the person who defeated Undertaker wouldn't have to remain undefeated for just as long or longer than Taker. It could be someone who had two or three wins before defeating Taker (just as a rough starting point), and then afterwards, they go on to have maybe five or six more wins after the big victory, which puts them around 10-0 or something when someone else finally defeats them. Hell, they could have as many wins as someone like Edge had (8-0) when he lost his streak, but the fact that one of those wins was ending Undertaker's streak would maximize their streak's legitimacy big time.

    This could work. It wouldn't have to be someone who kept winning match after match after match for the next twenty years or something.
  20. Perhaps in the future when the Undertaker has been all but forgotten. I realize everything gets recycled, but in this case it shouldn't for a long while.
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