Can The Wyatt Family be salvaged?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. For anybody who's watched the product the past few months you can tell that the Wyatt Family isn't doing so hot, and things don't seem to be looking up any time soon. I think that we can all agree that he hit the Cena ceiling too soon. Ever since then they haven't been booked in an interesting program. Hell, they haven't even been booked in a really memorable program since they debuted. They should be the guys closing the show, not Rusev, or the Bellas.

    So, here rises the question. Can the Wyatt Family be salvaged from the rut they're stuck in, or should WWE just go ahead and pull the trigger on their split up? How would you even book them back to importance?
  2. At some point Harper and Rowan have to turn on Wyatt in order for him to turn face. Despite being an afterthought recently, bray still gets one of the loudest pops of the night when he's on. It's time for him to become an anti-hero type of face. Harper and Rowan can then be free to come up with a fresh gimmick for their team as I don't see either of them getting a singles push.
  3. I would have had them feud with Dean Ambrose if he wasn't injured or wasn't going for Seth Rollins in the past. The two characters of Wyatt/Ambrose could work out so well, especially with Ambrose being the underdog of the feud since he'll be outnumbered. As for currently, it's hard to fit The Wyatts with anything I see currently. They could go for the tag team championships with Rowan/Harper attacking The Usos, but the Usos are currently busy as well.
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  4. As much as I hate saying this... But no, I don't think so. They'd better pull the trigger on their break-up, I just don't see a way for them getting out of this rut they've been stuck in.
    I can see Harper doing well in singles competition, though... He's a helluva wrestler, but knowing WWE, they'd screw up another great talent.
  5. It's September. Wyatt won his feud with Jericho. Nothing that happens in September or October matters.
  6. I get that business is always "down" around this time year of year for WWE, but saying that nothing matters around this time year matters doesn't make sense.

    Any ways, in response to the thread, I feel that the Wyatt's can be salvaged. WWE has handled them very poorly as of late, true, but I feel a feud with Sheamus can help boost Bray's credibility while giving Sheamus a really good feud. I would love to see this feud happen. I feel letting Bray win the US Title for a while would good for him as he can rally the nation to "follow the buzzards." Let Rowan and Harper win the Tag Titles and get some credibility, too. Imagine all the Wyatt's in the ring cutting a promo with the lights out...just a big spotlight shining on Bray in a rocking chair as the Tag champs are in the background staring around at the crowd, each one of them firmly holding their championship on their shoulder. Bray talks to the WWE Universe, "I have everyone in my hands....the nation, the world, everyone....the Wyatt family holds gold because we can....and because we have you all in our hands....".....great promo.
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  8. Can they be salvaged? Absolutely, but imo the biggest way they can do it is that they really need to take some time off and show some vignettes with them having some character development. They can show Wyatt doing creepy cult-master shit to keep Harper and Rowan under influence and explain why they follow him so much, they can take time to plan out their mission and come back with a ready-made feud, they can go full TNA and kidnap someone to "bring him to the light" and have this former nobody come back and kick ass.

    I don't know how effective any of this would be, but it would seem like a nice way to explain a winning streak well enough to get it over and get them on the right track. Problem is Vince will have to get out of the way before this is even thought of.
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  9. Yeah. I do agree that their booking was stupid with the Cena stuff (I'll just say that before I start ranting about how he was buried, which is not really the point), but it's very rare for something in wrestling to be unsalvageable. Don't think the Wyatts are at that level, Bray/Ambrose, Bray/Reigns are examples of feuds that would probably get them going again. I also believe that anti-hero babyface Wyatt would be awesome, although I wouldn't pull that trigger. They should do that when the Wyatts are hot, and I think you can still get a little bit more out of their heel run before you have to.
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  11. In The Wyatt Family my favorites are Bray and Luke Harper. I think Erick Rowan could use some work on his ring skills. Since Daniel Bryan is out my favorites were The Shield and The Wyatt Family. They've been on a downhill ride for a while now, but I'm not giving up on them. Sometimes I really just like hearing him talk. A Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose feud would be great if done right. Both are great on the mic and both are great in the ring. I'm a fan of both so I'd be happy with whoever won if it's a good feud.
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  12. As long as you win far more than you lose, then you will maintain credibility, just as long as you're never embarrassed or made to look bad in any of your losses. If you're a big guy with the gimmick of someone who never loses, it's different, but Bray Wyatt isn't that kind of cat. He's even talked in promos before about how winning or losing isn't as important to him as physically/mentally decimating his opponents is. I'm not defending his recent booking (which is far from flawless), just saying.
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  13. Meant to say, " I get that business is always "down" around this time year of year for WWE, but saying that nothing matters around this time year doesn't make sense."
  14. Of course they will come back. No doubt in my mind. The booking for them lately is pretty bad, but you can't be on top all the time (unless your Vince's golden goose). At least they are still physically on the show IMO - unlike others on the roster ATM.

    I keep wondering if the whole Dust Brothers build up to the championship (and hopefully a win) will be outdone when the Ascension comes up and destroys them (as a face team vs the now heel Dust Brothers). And I would LOVE to see the Wyatts go up against the Ascension at that point. But to be honest - with the team of Big Show and Henry in the mix too - its hard to predict when the Ascension will 'officially' move up. I wouldn't mind seeing The Ascension joining the Wyatts either - but thats a BIIIIG stretch.

    Maybe Bray could have the two teams fight it out to see who emerges victorious to be his followers, the others being cast aside. That would be a cool feud IMO.
  15. I kinda like Brat being separate at the minute and being the cult overseer behind Harper and Rowan. For me it's Bray that has lost his edge through no fault of his own just cause WWE lost what to do with him. Creative need to watch more horror films.
  16. Seeing as how swagger has easily become one of the hottest guys in the roster when he was just a jobber some time ago, yeah, the wyatts can be salvaged. WWE just proved they can push whoever the fuck they want by making the miz matter and giving swagger the spotlight.
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  17. I think they can be salvaged, all they gotta do is BO-LIEVE! and bring in Sister A-Bo-gail :bodallas:
  18. WWE fuck up everyone. So no.
  19. thank you for your input on this thread.....:emoji_wink:
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  20. You didn't say it in your post, but I will take what you said and add to it.
    Kane and Undertaker have never and will never be celebrated for their title wins. They are best celebrated for specific moments and angles that they spear-headed.
    Dissecting an entire's year's work (or even a two month span) is ludicrous in Bray Wyatt's case.
    Undertaker main event very quickly yet spent much of his time taking a back seat to Bret Hart, HBK and others.

    Wyatt has been at his best January thru April and the summer (to a lesser degree). If WWE builds on that he will maintain credibility (though I believe his upside is very high).
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