Can TNA establish the next megastar of wrestling?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Questions up there really, last night felt like TNA had really stepped up their game and the transition had begun into a new era in the companies history, so can they do it and create the next icon of wrestling? Or are they still too small for someone to catch fire with them?

    Please avoid yes or no answers, reasoning is required.
  2. Still a bit too small in my opinion. They are big in the wrestling world, but to truly create a megastar they need to break into the mainstream entertainment world. The reason for guys like Cena, Rock, Austin and Hogan becoming megastars in not just wrestling, but entertainment as well is because the company they work/works for had crossover appeal which helped elevate their own crossover appeal and their breaking into the mainstream. For a guy from TNA to break into mainstream entertainment and become a megastar now would be one in a million. They can create the next big wrestling star more likely, but not the next wrestling megastar.
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  3. So they could create the next Sting but not the next Rock is what you're saying? Saying that Sting was huge back in the day so even he maybe too big.
  4. I think Triple H or Undertaker would be a better comparison, huge within the industry but never really big outside of it.
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  5. :isee: would be pretty huge for them to have another HHH IMO, he's made big money over the years for the E, more than I thought tbh.
  6. They have some obvious choices. AJ can be big as can Roode. Aries as well but if we are looking for a guy to shoulder the workload of face of the company I am going to give Styles and Roode the edge.
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  7. AA could be that man if given the right exposure. Look at Punk, he's less defined than AA, I'd say they're pretty close on the mic, and I'd give the slight edge to Aries in the ring. Punk just had a gigantic title reign and is one of the Mose recognizable faces in the industry. If he's allowed some freedom and a big push, the sky is the limit.
  8. Outside wrestling picture ans stuff? I think not, maybe if Magnus becomes a BIG actor.

    In wrestling? Sure. Roode, Aries and Styles are my choices.
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