Can TNA make the WWE run?

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  1. This was playing on my mind a couple of nights ago, but really though ever since Vince took over the then WWF from his father, the WWF had no challenges. In the 1980's, WWE basically took out every territory in their way - Georgia Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling Florida, World Class Wrestling in Texas and alike. By the 1980's, the AWA (American Wrestling Association) was struggling to stay afloat only to go bankrupt by 1990, while Jim Crockett Promotions was bought out by Ted Turner in 1988. JCP would become World Championship Wrestling in 1990.

    The WWF was, at that time, the pinnacle of the business, there was no other company out there that looked like a threat, yes WCW was there but they were still under the NWA banner until 1993 when WCW ended its relationship with the NWA and went on its own. It wasn't until 1994 when Hulk Hogan joined the company that WCW started to make strides.

    Eastern Championship Wrestling came around in 1992 as another NWA affiliate until they left the NWA banner in 1994 and dropped the Eastern and became Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW changed the focus of this business by making it more edgy.

    WCW by late 1995 created WCW Nitro and right there and then, the Monday Night Wars began and yes WCW was WWE's biggest threat that it had ever faced. No one in the past had given WWF a run for their money - AWA went bankrupt, NWA fell into a heap and all the other territories (FCW, GCW, WCCW) fell in WWF's hands like putty.

    WWF used ECW, by having a type of trading system with them, for example guys like Aldo Montoya and Rad Radford were given to ECW in trade for say a Cactus Jack or Steve Austin. Fact is, ECW and WWF had an alliance and it wouldn’t surprise me if WWF kept ECW afloat throughout most of the 1990’s especially with how many talents WWF was able to invest in from ECW – Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, Taz and the Dudley Boyz.

    WCW, let’s be honest, near put WWF out of business but if it wasn’t for ECW, WWF would have been. As time went on and WCW’s gimmicks became repetitive, especially with the many times they kept resurrecting the New World Order, it in the long run hurt them and WWF was able to finally take control of the ratings and Vince finally did what he wanted to do for years, buy out his competition.

    Now fast forward to now – 2013. TNA has been around for 11 years, beginning in 2002 as an alternative to WWE and really who would’ve thought TNA would’ve lasted as long as they have. They have had many ups and downs but what is starting to make sense to me is, Vince McMahon sees these guys as a threat especially with him trying to block certain arenas from using TNA.

    As of what I said on another news article: “I think WWE are a little scared. Let's be serious here, do you really believe Vince McMahon wants another WCW on his hands? Hell it took Vince years to finally put WCW to its death bed.

    TNA could be a big threat, they've got the talent to do so, yes people might think TNA are filled with ex-WWE guys but fact is, they are filled with ex-WWE guys who, at one point or another, were on top of the WWE like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and the list goes on. TNA's main problem has been it's been stuck in the same boring arena, like WWE had done years ago when it was doing Raw. Once TNA moves away, I believe at first the ratings will be the same, but if TNA can up the ante in the company, ratings will be coming to them.”

    And I stand by what I said the last thing Vince wants is another WCW on his hands. TNA has the talent, they have what it takes, every company starts out small.

    The WWE, then World Wide Wrestling Federation began in 1963, after it had a falling out with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and it wasn’t until 1984 when they (WWE) finally became a wrestling phenomenon as they would take pro wrestling to a whole new level, while every other company struggled, WWF thrived. 21 years it took for the WWE to be the number 1 wrestling promotion in America.

    WCW, they rose to prominence in a shorter time frame, becoming the number 1 company in 1996, yes JCP began in the 1930’s (under a whole different name) but as soon as Turner bought them out from the Crockett’s in 1988, World Champion Wrestling struggled at first but as soon as Turner brought in Eric Bischoff, as well as the hiring of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Outsiders and co., WCW became the biggest threat in town.

    ECW, though never became the number 1 promotion, did move away from being just another indie promotion. They changed the landscape of professional wrestling by moving away from the family friendly business to a more risqué type product with hardcore matches galore, half naked women running around and alike.

    TNA, has been the number two company since its inception, it became the new place for discarded wrestlers to go and even though it’s taken them 11 years to finally be where they are; they have the potential to really give WWE a run for its money.

    They have some great talent mixed with some legends of the past; Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm and then you have guys like Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, the Dudley Boyz. It’s what WWE is really lacking at the moment, TNA does have some familiar names but those familiar names are doing what’s right for business and that is getting guys like Aries, Roode and Storm noticed.

    TNA moving away from the Impact Zone, I don’t believe at the beginning it will do them much favour but if they keep at it and get there brand out there, things may change and they may change for the better. WWE, for too long has been the King of American wrestling, I for one would love to see a change; when WWE gets pushed and kicked to the curb, they come back fighting and I’m so certain TNA can do that.

    Moving from the Impact Zone is a good decision because really when fans hear names like Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan come to town, it will garner fans interests straight away especially those who grew up watching these guys perform throughout their childhood.

    TNA has taken it’s time, but I’m certain in another few years, if things go the right way for them, we may see yet another war, this time between TNA and the WWE and I for one, would love to see it.

    Like the saying goes, nothing stays on top forever and that even applies to WWE.
  2. Nice post, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. No one can touch WWE for many reasons. Being on top for so long gives them two major advantages. World exposure and a lot of money to spend. WWE has the best production values out there and is the most recognizable wrestling company on the planet. TNA doesn't have the money or time to catch up, they're a credible #2 with great talent and a great show, but they'll never be a threat to WWE.
  3. I strongly disagree with you, Senhor. I think that given the chance and the time, they might get enough money and enough world exposure to gain a close rate to the WWE. I mean, the only reason WWE has world exposure is because it was allways on the road. So I think, that we need to give TNA a few years on the road and see the difference. But, I can really see how TNA can manage to be near the level of the WWE in the future, and with the right usage of it's roster and publicity, they can surpass it. Off course, TNA isn't a billion dollar company, but let's not forget that WCW was a billion dollar company, that WWE surpassed.
  4. Your last sentence enhances my point. If a billion dollar multi-platform entertainment company failed, what makes you think TNA can? Also, WCW came from the NWA which had been around for decades prior and brought it's title and history to WCW. The southern US already had a vested interest in the product and the championship and thus gravitated more towards WCW in the 80s and 90s. WWWF has been around since the 60s IIRC, its very difficult to accomplish in 10 years what another company has in 50.
  5. I don't see TNA ever dehtroning WWE or even catching up to it. The gap is just too whide. They will cement themeselves as the undisputed second biggest in America easily (They cannot budge CMLL in Mexico or NJPW in Japan so no second biggest in the world). But taking out the WWE? No. That's like storming a castle with a pocket knife.
  6. It would be 100 years before TNA could be on that level.. but hopefully they get big enough so WWE has to take notice and actually start trying again.
  7. Idk, if WWE gets another 2.2 when all the legends leave and Creative/Vince stop caring, TNA can match that lol
  8. I'm unsure. WWE are hitting 3.x+ ratings with 3 hours consisting of lots of fillers; can't see TNA getting to that level any time soon. WWE is massive outside of their product too. They run multiple social-media campaigns and score highly in those rankings, and get lots of mainstream attention for various topics. Their fan base consisting of lots of marks is huge, where as TNA are more appealing to the hardcore fans.
  9. I like to think there will be another boom period in wrestling since 3 is the magic number and in the previous two periods when wrestling was at it's hottest, there was a wrestling war between the two top organizations - WWF and NWA in the 80's, and WWF and WCW in the 90's. History repeats itself, and TNA is the only company that can realistically become the big #2 company in North American wrestling in the near (or distant) future. But I have no real hope that TNA can realistically challenge WWE for the throne anytime soon.

    The problem with TNA is that they aren't in the same position as WCW was, which had the history and prestige of the NWA behind it. It also doesn't have a media giant like Ted Turner backing it and giving the television product(s) more promoting and advertising on his channels than he's given any other show in history. (Isn't one of the criticisms of TNA is that they don't have an aggressive enough marketing and advertising strategy?) There's also not top tier talent like Hogan and Savage and newer talent like Hall and Nash that TNA can realistically take. And WWE themselves are now a public company and a multi-media empire and have just a larger global audience than they ever have before. Don't forget that WCW became hot when WWF was losing money for a few years and were at their weakest.

    There's nothing wrong with just being a good #2. If they manage to do that well enough, they could stand on their own legs and make money and survive, even if they never threaten WWE's position as top dog. The only way I can see TNA getting near WWE's level is if someone with the brains for wrestling like Vince McMahon comes around and takes control of running TNA (lol Dixie Carter), or if Vince himself drops dead from a heart attack and Triple H/Stephanie prove that they can't run the ship as good as Vince did/does.

    This is an interesting video about the wrestling war from the 80's:

    They're comparing Hogan and Flair in the same way that people compared Austin/Goldberg in 1998/1999. Two top stars from two different companies. If TNA happened to hit upon a hot top star like this, it would be a good first step towards seeing TNA as a viable alternative to the mighty WWE empire, having a top star (Cena) being realistically compared to a top TNA star. But even then, with WWE's resources, Vince would likely whip out his pocket book and steal them for the WWE.
  10. The only way TNA can get close to them in the near future is if double double 'E completely fuck up somehow. Even then, as stated above, if they begin putting effort into more than 4 or 5 guys then they will easily stay ahead. I'm taking nothing away from TNA though, the progress they're making at the moment is great.
  13. Seriously? That's your response? How about never respond to my posts again?
  14. IT TRUE THAT SUCK! There good enough! 0.3 Rate when that tryed to go up against a PG WWE on Monday!
  15. Seriously, bro. Stop writing. I can't understand your English. You fucking terrible in writing.
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  16. TNA had a 0.3 when trying to go up against WWE in 2010 when WWE was PG! And that FAIL and got 0.3 Rating! And when back to Thursday b/c that SUCKED!
  17. Did you expect them to get a 9.6 ratings that easily, or what?
  18. Great post. From a wrestling point of view its a great move and it will draw in more fans. It also may force WWE to inprove from fear of competition.

    Overall I doubt they will take over WWE and become #1.

    But as I say for a wrestling fan its great news as it will hopefully improve both products in the long term.
  19. I miss those day were I was able to switch channels and watch different shows at the same time. If there was something boring in WCW I'll switch right to the WWE, if there was something boring in the WWE, I'll switch to WCW. God, I miss those days...
  20. No I expect then to get a 0.3 and that did b/c i knew that suck! I that can't beat a PG WWE how are that going to go up against the then!? WCW was TV14 like WWE was TV14 at the time and WWE beat then b/c of the AE and WCW did great thing but could hold up again what WWE was doing at the time! Move forward to now WWE is PG and is not as good but yet even with a PG WWE that can still be a TNA TV14 Rating1 Which prove why TNA SUCK!
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