Can TNA's reputation be salvaged?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Lets be honest... we're lucky here on WWEF. Among the wrestling fanbase there's many more Gohans than there are Seabs'. And people love to hate TNA. LOVE it. You know all the cliched' lines people use to rip the company, Hogan the top face, WWE Rejects, they screw up every match finish, yada-yada. And with all the bad press from TNA lately the hate has grown exponentially. There's going to be a lot of haters no matter what, that's just who people are. But is there anything TNA can do to fix their reputation, or is the company past the point of no return?
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  2. Of course it can be salvaged. It was salvaged not so long ago in late 2012 iirc, where TNA was awesome. It was the time Roode was champion. Obviously you still have those who hate on it for the sake of hating it (WWE marks), but still, it can get the majority on its side rather easily. It does NOT help when they fuck up time and time again. They have idiots with lots of power backstage ruining it. It doesn't take a guy with years of production experience to know you're paying the Hogan's far more than you should be, as they're not bringing enough to the table. You're firing talent like Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan but keeping talent like Chavo Guerrero employed. Their ideology of having ex-WWE guys having important roles on your show is ridiculous. Have a back bone, be brave, and back your own incredible talent.
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  3. Pretty much Crayo said what I was gonna say. Im just gonna say, I catch it funny whenever someone claims to be a wrestling fan, but only watches WWE to complain about WWE, then bash TNA and still complain about WWE. It's so amazing how stupid people can be, it almost makes me wanna bash my head against the wall.
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  4. Gohan > Seab, i dont get the point. TFA run a bad buildness, case closed. End story.
  5. Since July 3rd of 2013, when the first round of cuts happened, TNA has been on quite of a rampage (no pun intended) by the big part of IWC.

    Then the 4-8 weeks late payroll issue surfaced. The heat within the IWC on TNA went nuts.

    Then more departures happened. IWC goes nuts again.

    TNA then solves the payroll problems within 7 days, but IWC still has jokes and stupid cliches about it.

    Then the live event problem happens. IWC gets just what they wanted.

    Jesse Sorensen gets released and #AskDixie gets outrageous heat on twitter because of it.

    More cuts to possibly be made, as announced by Carter on talent meeting.


    To me, this July month has to be the worst month for TNA in their entire 11 year history (business wise, though the ratings have gone up). Period. Seriously, read again what happened.
    And while much of the heat they gained is well deserved (Crimson, Ryan, Morgan, Sorensen, DOC, Taeler, Tara), some of it is WAY overblown out of proportions and is exactly what IWC (and PWtorch) wanted and waited for all these year for - the problems and cuts inside TNA Wrestling. Why? Because they hate TNA for the sake of hating (of course, not everyone), want TNA gone, are jealous of it and what not.

    The fact is, and this is what the internet should know, TNA is not going out of business anytime soon. I firmly do believe cuts needed to be made because taping on the road is highly expensive, even though they cut the wrong people.

    Can TNA solve all of this? Defo. IWC will always remember this month and will always try to find a way to throw a "joke" about TNA about cuts and payrolls and all, but that doesn't matter as long as TNA gets their fucking shit together.

    So TNA, get your shit together. No more "established" guys, no more good talent cuts, no more Pritchards, no more bad financial projections.

    Solution: stricter boss, younger stars (like Magnus now), good and tight creative team, and good towns to go on the road, not some suckholes.
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  6. Man, it's sooo hard to defend TNA in brazilian wrestling forums, nearly everyone hates it for no good reason (their main argument is saying it's an indy promotion, even if that was true how is it a bad thing?), but there's one guy who's the biggest mark I've ever seen. He's delusional though, for him WWE does everything wrong and TNA does everything right (was saying how Raw sucked during these last few good weeks we had and uses PWI/WON awards to defend TNA). But yeah, the IWC in general despises TNA for some reason. It can change, and if TNA starts doing smart decisions and grows eventually all these people will change opinions, they're sheep in that aspect (extremely fickle), so yeah it can change.
  7. It can definitely be salvaged, I wouldn't expect it to be salvaged over night but yeah, with some work and elbow grease definitely.

    I think I said it in another thread, TNA's like a car stuck in a mud hole right now. A fully functioning car that was just stuck and not really going anywhere. Instead of just pushing the pedal to the metal and burning out the engine the company has instead pulled it out of the proverbial mud to find another way around.

    It will take some time for the current bad rep to die down (probably both among fans, internet and possibly wrestlers) but with some work they can regain their good word and can keep on trucking.
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