TLC Can Triple H walk out Champion?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by rko2004, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. DX06 keeps telling me over and over it can happen (I think its stupid) but what are the chances the boss putting the belts on himself tonight? I am totally clueless on what will happen.
  2. I think HHH, as opposed to Cena or Orton, becoming champion is the most interesting and exciting option. Also, what a way it would be to kick off this new championship. I hope it happens.
  3. Its the one scenario that would actually force me to watch Raw tomorrow so they would be smart to do it.
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  4. if Vince can win the damn thing as the evil boss back in the day I think HHH would be fine.
  5. Explain how this can happen when he isn't in the match?
  6. He puts himself in one with the battered champ after similar to what Batista did at EC on Cena.
  7. Was talking with a friend at training about this, we would both mark and said if he does we will hit a pedigree in a training match and say "That is best for business"
  8. Or he justs walks down the ramp while both Cena and Orton are on the floor and grabs both the titles. Simple.
  9. How about Orton beats Cena, then after the match HHH congratulates him and says that he knew this day would decide who the true face of the company is. They both hug and then HHH says it's not Orton. Orton gives him a shocked look and HHH pedigrees him. Hunter announces one final match and that it's Orton vs himself for the title. HHH hits another pedigree and wins. Then we get Orton vs HHH vs Cena at the rumble, which HHH wins while Bryan wins the rumble.
  10. From a kayfabe point that wouldn't really work as he'd still have to insert himself into the match which needs a bit more of a delivery than lol here I comez not to mention it being very anticlimatic IMO.
  11. Doesn't mean it isn't likely to happen. I can totally see it.
  12. You expect HHH not to make a big moment over this?
  13. I don't see how him making a surprise entrance during the ME to steal both titles wouldn't be a big moment. He completely overshines the two most accomplished active guys and steals the spotlight which he aches to do. mission accomplished
  14. It's an after thought though, he walks in with no promo or anything and just goes lulz my belts then celebrates? I don't see that happening at all personally it's so underwhelming.
  15. What stops him from cutting a promo after?

    Was Hogan casually wheeling down at Bash at the BEach anticlimactic??
  16. That was because of the heel turn, Trips is already a heel so where's the moment? Him winning the titles again doesn't fit his egotistical character for one he'd make sure it was all about him he's not an opportunist, he's the dealer with the deck rigged.
  17. It's not likely to happen anyhow, but IMO it would be a good moment if it did. I see you disagree but I don't know what else to say on the subject.
  18. Yep we'll agree to disagree, I can see I was repeating myself pretty bad.
  19. Could he? Sure. It's pro wrestling, so the rules exist merely to advance the storyline.

    Will he? I highly doubt it. It really doesn't fit anything they've done with the story up to this point. I think it's far more likely (and I think this is pretty damn unlikely) for the Authority to back a heel-turned Cena than it is for HHH to just insert himself into the match and claim both titles.

  20. That's what gets views for RAW though.

    He has the authority to put himself into the match himself.
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