Can Wade Barrett get Back on Track for Smackdown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zack Ryder, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. On Monday Wade Barrett suffered a Low Blow from HHH, and tapping to Miz in a non-title match. Will he be able to fight Miz at Wrestlemania and get back on track? Barrett also goes against Chris Jericho tonight.
  2. I know Wade is a heel and sort of interupted HHH, but really, you need to kick him in the balls as he's about to go and and job... for fuck sake. Titles mean less and less every week.
  3. :true:
  4. I really fucking damn hope they will not bury Wade
  5. Meh, if the brand split was still alive I'd say it's a possibility, making Barrett the top heel on SD and all, but the way it is today I don't think so. Wouldn't hurt, but something tells me they're bent on destroying Wade's career.
  6. looks like they're going to bury Wade, look he's in a feud with the miz, a boring guy and wade always loses to him, he'll probably drop the IC belt to miz at wrestlemania
  7. Barrett losing the IC at WM would be so... meh. Just like when he won it, his entire reign, and current character. But if he does drop it I'll always think that it was initially supposed to be Bo Dallas.
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  8. Agreed, a thought I've always had would be Hero feuding with Barrett. Cocky babyface Hero is always entertaining and they share similar wrestling styles so they could mesh well. If Hero got a strong build it'd work for both guys.
  9. For sure. But who knows, they may do that, they wanted to debut Hero after WM anyway. Not sure if he'll be a face though. If he is and Barrett retains it could happen.
  10. Am i the only one who finds Barrett just dull? cannot remember a stand out match from him?
  11. As a wrestler he's very WWEish, slow pace, lots of punches and stomps with the occasional slam. He's passable in that area IMO however it's his mic segments that make him stand out, he just understands how to work a crowd.


    A few examples as I'm not sure how much you've seen of him.
  12. Yeah he is a confident and intelligent talker no doubt about that.

    He has not really shown me anything special in ppv matches, and he is fine at the level he at right now.
  13. he was good during his match with cena at TLC and also during the match where he defeated cena so cena will be a member of the nexus
  14. Man I don't care what y'all think, Wade Barrett is awesome.
  15. Barrett should've feuded with the Undertaker when he lead the nexus in helping Kane bury the Undertaker during their Buried Alive Match
  16. WWE just doesn't seem to be high on Barrett for some reason, the only time he was pushed post-Nexus was when Vince gave up control of Smackdown.
    Doubt his career will get back on track unless that happens again.
  17. If they change his gimmick I think he could. Just this current movie star gimmick is annoying and his feud with The Miz is lackluster when that's the main thing they're feuding about. I think he has some great talent on the mic and he's pretty good in the ring so hopefully they fix things with him.
  18. bring back his old theme End of Days (the last theme he used before getting injured) , it fits his bare-knuckle brawler character
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