Can Wigan do it?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. They're 2-1 up atm at the Emirates, it'd be amazing after beating United if they win here too.

    Really want them to stay up.
  2. Don't see how they won't hold on at this point, they seem like a great defensive team. Wish I could watch the match.

    The 16th place team beating #1 and #3 in 5 days, wow. That's impressive.
  3. That's the BPL, it's so unpredictable. Wigan normally aren't that good a defensive team but they work so hard. But Oxlade Chamberlain is on now so Arsenal will dominate.
  4. They did do it. Wigan 2, Arsenal 1.
  5. Epic. Come on Spurs, overtake Arsenal!
  6. Sorry I don't mean to be rude, but the thought of any team with Gary Caldwell in it being described as good defensively makes me giggle slightly :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    It is very impressive though and in all fairness, they've apparently been defensively solid in both.
  7. I've been a soccer fan for a whole week, lol. Forgive me.
    Trying to get into the sport but we don't see enough of it in the US. They've advertised just 3 more Premier League Games on ESPN.
  8. If you want I can post here when games are on (that you'd want to see). Tomorrow there's a massive champions league match, I can give you a stream.
  9. That would be great, but there's no reason to spam a thread. PM is fine.
    For the rest of the season I'll be checking FRS for Man City and Man U games as they close the season out, hope City gets within striking distance before they play.

    What is this CL match you speak of?
  10. Champions League match - Real Mardid vs Bayern Munich.

    other CL match on Wednesday - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Btw, your sig is freaking incredible.
  11. I heard about that one, but wasn't sure why or how it was so big. To google!

    Thanks for the sig compliment, again. Couldn't pass this one up.
  12. Wigan basically F5ed the entire Premier League
  13. Champions League is where all the top teams in Europe are entered into one league. You have like 8 groups of 4 teams, top 2 groups go through. Then everyone gets put into a pot and randomly drawn in the last 16, where it's knockout over 2 legs (home and away). So basically it's the ultimate prize in football.

    Real Madrid = Best Spanish team with Barcelona atm
    Bayern Munich = Best German Team (even though they're 2nd atm lmao)
    Chelsea = 5th best English team but somehow in semi's
    Barcelona = Best Spanish team with Real Madrid atm

    Normally it's filled with Spanish and English teams every year because both leagues have the best teams by far.
  14. That's absolutely amazing. Totally looking forward to this.
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