Can you name other wrestlers who look good physically and can wrestle but suck on the microphone ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. I think of Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Bayley, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley and Sasha Banks from RAW and then Smackdown there's Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura (kind of) (which is understandable because they're Japanese) and there's a lot of people I'm missing but can you guys think of anybody else ?
  2. Finn Balor, Cesaro, and Neville for sure. I'd say Apollo Crews as well, but has he really had much time on the mic?
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  3. Aside from who was already mentioned... Kofi, Becky, Dolph, and Randy Orton.

    Kofi struggles, Becky comes off bland, Dolph same as Becky, and Randy just sounds like a robotic vacuum.
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  4. 90% of the roster.
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  5. I liked Neville as a heel on 205 on the mic.

    Most of the names yeah not great. Mic work is more imortant than in ring skill now (Elias, Alexa come to mind but they are alright in the ring)
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  6. I never watched 205 live. I'm familiar with his work as a face on NXT and RAW.
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    Neville on 205 was brilliant, they made him a heel. Since Triple H took over 205 Live I think a random episode of 205 Live is better than RAW. Smackdown has been decent since WM, RAW is the dribbling shits atm.

    Best to worst IMHO right now

    205 Live

    In February I may have put 205 Live over Smackdown come to think of it.

    late last year I would have rated it

    205 (with Neville)
    Smackdown (with Jinder)

    Swapping SD and 205 live around once Neville left and they took the belt off Jinder on SD.

    NXT has just been way to good since early 2017 and it was good late 2016 as well IMHO, I can't remember the last average or even good Takeover, they have been very good to excellent. Probably only watching every 2ndRAW on the network, Table for 3 and the Bruce Pritchard podcast is better.
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  8. Bobby Lashley
  9. I enjoyed what I saw from him in the title defenses he had on PPVs...well, the pre-show for PPVs, technically.
  10. Brock Lesnar is good on the mic sometimes.

    All the roster struggles because they have shit writers and get told to say utter shite like "sufferin succotash"
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  11. Triple H and his fucking tough guy voice/act that makes him sound like he's holding in a massive dump
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  12. Yeah 205 Neville segments were great even his ring psychology was entertaining he would set up for a red arrow and then refuse to do it trolling the audience (as a heel). He only busted it out for big matches. The red arrow was probably the best finisher in WWE.

    Neville with Miz was basically the best heel on the roster and one of the best in ring.
  13. The irony with this is I used to say he should be Preparation H's spokesman.
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  14. I'm guessing nobody watches Impact. Lashley was actually good on the mic during his time there
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  15. Best promo of all time.
  16. I bet a lot of current WWE wrestlers were good at some point. Seems to be a trend to ruin natural talent in the WWE... :okay:
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  17. Link me a compelling promo from him in WWE and then we'll talk. It doesn't matter what you did on the indies if you can't transfer your talent there into WWE. Balor - not Devitt, not Pegasus Kid 2, or whatever other name he went by - hasn't shown much potential on the microphone throughout his main roster stay. In fact, his NXT days weren't spectacular for promos either.
  18. Chris Masters