Can you recreate a supernatural gimmick?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. A gimmick like Undertaker's for example. I've seen many people say you can't now because of the realism factor, and that wrestling was different many years ago. Undertaker still gets mad props for it and it still works wonders, but perhaps that's because it has worked in the past and was brought into the new era as a frequent factor.

    What do you guys think? Could we have another Taker-like character? Or is it a case of oiled up half-naked men with skimpy trunks being either good or bad people from now on?
  2. Skimpy trunks is the way forward obviously.... :gusta:

    There should always be room for cheesy ass outlandish gimmicks in wrestling IMO, whether it could be a mainevent gimmick is debatable and dependent on the portrayal, for example Santino will never hold a world title under his comedy gimmick but Bryan could and arguably did with the Yes gimmick. The supernatural gimmick is another thing which would need thinking about and given to the correct performer, Sheamus under an Irish heritage warrior gimmick would be an example of getting it right IMO.
  3. There's room for a "dark" gimmick of some sorts, where someone tries to use tricks or whatever that makes you think "how could they do that? Are they really superhuman?", like the way Undertaker has been for the past couple of decades, but not a literal supernatural zombie. Nobody has looked at Taker as a literal undead persona since the 90's. Starting in 1997/1998 especially (before the Ministry Of Darkness happened) where he was the Dead Man but he talked and acted like a human. He was the same way last year in the build towards WM28 with Triple H. He'll likely be like this somewhat this year as well.
  4. It can be done. They did it with the boogeyman character even though his career wasn't as big as it should have been, but they certainly have the ability to create that sort of character. It has to be given to the right person though and I don't even think it should be given out too soon after Taker retires. It would however be nice to see Kane go full on monster and take the reigns for that until a replacement is found, but really Undertaker is a character that can't be replicated.
  5. I think at this point in Taker's career, his gimmick doesn't even matter. He has built a reputation that transcends any gimmick, natural or supernatural.

    As far as the question, i think that it depends on how far fetched the idea is. If were looking at something like being dead, I'd say its a stretch. If your looking for something like a hercules demigod type of guy, the kids might get behind him (just team him up with Cena and you'd get instant max iwc heat). If you are looking for a x-men type of character, with super powers and shit, I'd say no. But if it's something simpler, like boogeyman (which was mentioned above) or similar, it could.

    The biggest thing is can the wwe creative come up with a good story background and figure out how to make it work long enough to get him over. With that in mind, my final answer is HELL NO!

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  6. The supernatural angle is really popular nowadays so it would probably be really popular. They might even be able to expand their viewing area to sci-fi lovers out there that like werewolves, vampires, hunters, and things like that.
  7. One could argue that they tried with the Ascension but it seems that with Kenneth Kameron being fired the supernatural aura has dissappeared from O'Brien - at least that's how I feel. - Now he just seems dark and mysterious, with Kenneth there and the special lights and screaming they seemed like demons out of hell.

    But yeah there will always be room for more "outlandish" gimmicks in wrestling. It's often what gets the kids hooked.
  8. Why has Takers worked where so many have failed

    Papa Shango

    To name a few
  9. The only one of those that failed was Papa Shango. The other two were pretty over. Gangrel especially had awesome music. I think Taker's long term success with the Dead Man gimmick has to do with the fact that there's more to get out of The Phenom gimmick than with the aforementioned three. Mick Foley even said that he always thought the Undertaker would be a 3-4 year character at the most but it was the talent of Mark Callaway himself that made it work so well (don't forget the American Badass was also a successful persona for awhile, though not nearly as awesome.)
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  10. Learn to dash! -.-

    Follow up question to folks who say it's possible: Could Undertaker's gimmick be continued? By either his "son" or someone he passes it too?
  11. Considering how WWE is always on the cutting edge of popular culture; I expect a Twilight-esque vampire character to debut around 2015.
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  12. I could see an heir taking over in a sense. But I have a hard time seeing a son of sorts, at least not a biological one. Because isn't it in Undertaker's backstory that he became the Undertaker over time, starting off as a normal human back in Death Valley. I have a hard time seeing his powers carry over biologically.
  13. They were ahead of the game on that one. Remember Kevin Thorne?
  14. Is it bad that I'd probably mark over that?

    You're getting far too technical bra. I can't picture many casuals saying "Hey! Wait a minute! Since when can Undertaker pass his powers down biologically? This is madness!". A son of his having such abilities would be more logical than most other scenarios.
  15. I'm still saying we go full horror movie shit style and have the spirit of Taker entangle itself within another body, say Mark Calloway was the original shell and now it's someone else. It allows the character to go bye bye as Calloway while giving the option for reviving it.
  16. He wasn't a sparkly, in love vampire guy. Imagine Salvatore Sincere with fangs and diamonds on his chest.
  17. Didn't they establish that the power of the Undertaker comes from the urn? Have someone steal takers powers by stealing the urn, maybe empty the ashes out of it.
  18. Didn't work for Kama Mustafa when he stole it. It only gives or takes away power to/from Taker.
  19. So if we're on board with continuing it, which superstar gets that opportunity? I assume it can't be no vanilla midget.
  20. Is it bad that I see a scenario with someone trying to do some weird ass ritual in the ring to crack that particular function of the urn so to steal takers powers?
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