Can you survive backstage in WWE?: An interactive WWE adventure

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  1. Not as fun as i thought it'd be, but it was a time killer.
  2. The amount of sheer boob that I had to navigate through made this worth the effort.
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  3. Question, how do you guys play this?
  4. Wait till the end of the video and pick a choice. I stopped after Ambrose though cause that's all I wanted to see.:burns:
  5. Doesn't work for me? Is there a certain app I'm supposed to install?
  6. You on your tablet? Instead of using the YT app I just use my main browser and it works fine.
  7. Nah, using my laptop which makes it really odd. Google chrome to be specific.
  8. Odd indeed, does the video play at all? The new Flash Player update just came out so you might want to download it for videos to work effectively on Chrome.
  9. Video works. Just can't choose it. Have a link to the flash player update?
  10. See, now it is worth it. Here I am worried about Michael Hayes's penis.
  11. tried to play the game and didn't work. odd.
  12. Maybe it's your Youtube settings?

    Working here!
  13. YouTube has settings? The only thing I know is that I have adblock on, but I'll check on it.
  14. *clicks on like 3 different annotations... finds *spoiler*... clicks on it... gets an ad

  15. You may have annotations turned off or something, idk.

    You seem like the type that gets annoyed by all these rightfully annoying boxes that pop up while you're trying to watch stuffs. :otunga:
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  16. Ehn, I'll just ask @Delik when he wakes up. Not like I'm in a rush to play this.
    No, I turned it on during it and still didn't work.
    And yeah, I actually do get annoyed, lol. I came for the video, not to subscribe. :gtfo: YOUTUBERS!
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    But you'll miss their special video of the top 10 Taylor Swift songs if you don't see them putting that green box over the whole damn unrelated video! :why: How could you pass that up!
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  18. this changes everything

    SOMEONE, HOW DO I GET THIS TO WORK?!? :blackshock:
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