Canada gets exclusive new Wii console

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    Wii mini. It's going to be exclusively released in Canada on December 7. As a test market I think.

    So no internet capability or backwards capability? Enjoy Canada.

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  2. What's the point.
    At 99.99 they put these out? Now or soon?


    You can get a regular Wii for 139 now

    Or used at 75!

    Plus the Wii U just launched..

    Nintendo... Why?
  3. Wii-eh.
  4. At first I was like: :Finger: Canada

    But then I opened the thread and I was: :sad: for youuuuuu
  5. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty dope.
    Although no online thing is kinda shit.
  6. This is what they get for making their $100 bills smell like maple syrup.
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    Who's the summva bitch now? :steiner:
  9. Smells like Maple, not Syrup. You SUMVA BITCH! YURI DUMP! GENIMI BAGS! :steiner:
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