News Canadian wrestler teases return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2013.

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  1. If he's returning for in ring action next week's he's the bloody Wolverine. Hi's injury is supposed to take him out for in between 6-9 months (he was injured in December). But he did say he was a fast healer and the doctor said the same so who knows. It's likely he'll just show up for Bret Hart appreciation night in his home town though.

  2. :yes: Miss this guy so much,he cannot be healed up this quick unless he is superhuman? Still he won't get a push though:upset:
  3. Am I the only one that wants to see WWE stick Tyson in a mask? It is sort of a last stitch effort to get him over, but he can go in the ring and kids love masked superstars. Clearly Sin Carbs is going to eat his way out of the WWE soon, so someone will be needed to feel the oversized void (another fat joke, not saying Thin Cara is a big deal) he will leave in the masked superstar category.

    Anyone else think it could work? Bonus points to WWE if they can create a cool backstory and give him some character ala Suicide in TNA. Speaking of Suicide who else is hyped for tonight's Impact?
  4. I think he worked under one for a time in Japan so he shouldn't have to adjust much. I have also wanted to see him in a mask. Kidd is already surprisingly over considering how little he is used. The NXT crowd loves him when he shows up. They even liked listening to him speak for pete's sake.

    Put Kidd in a mask, give him a cool name and a backstory that fits (if they want to make him mute then weave that in). Put him with a manager and let him loose.
  5. This and a half, it's a great idea.

    I highly doubt Tyson'll be back this week, unless he just makes an appearance on a crutch during a house show segment. Lord knows how awesome it would be though!
  6. Pretty sure he's just gonna be there because of Bret Hart Appreciation Night. Besides, how often was he used on Raw before his injury anyway following the break up of The Hart Dynasty? Speaking of which, they've got to do a segment with Heyman and Axel interrupting and confronting Bret Hart, given the history between Bret and Mr. Perfect (their classic SS '91 classic, etc.) Maybe Tyson Kidd will come out and get involved in that or perhaps he'll be paying his respects to Bret in person out there in front of the crowds when Axel and Heyman make their entrance. This whole thing could set up a beat down on Kidd and maybe even a shot thrown towards Bret, if they really want to get heat on Heyman and Axel.

    And has there ever been a segment with Bret and Heyman?
  7. ^Sounds a bit like the Kidd vs McGillicutty feud from NXT Redemption. It played a lot on the Hart vs Perfect rivalry with the twist that McGillcutty always pointed out that Tyson never was a Hart, thus calling him a fake second generation wrestler. Tyson then had to prove that he belonged and had the "hart" for the business.

    Was a good feud. Would not mind seeing it rehashed down the line.
  8. Well I always mark for Kidd vs Axel so that'd be great. Him returning in itself too.
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