News #CancelWWENetwork trends again and FB poll get a LOT of Thumbs Down for Fast Lane

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. Cancel WWE Network Trends After Fastlane

    Now the trend won't do much but that Facebook Poll has to get WWE's attention too, more importantly Vince. We can't guarantee WWE will stray the course of Vince's dream but at least the fans are letting themselves be heard. I for one would've started throwing stuff if I was there last night.
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  2. I don't get why there's such a GIANT uproar as the PPV was actually pretty good. But, people wanted Ambrose to win that match. And the fact that reigns went over, yet again (despite people making it clear that they don't want him as the next cena), is insane to me. WWE is a business. And they're supposed to know what's best for business. And in this case, it's evident that Triple h vs Dean is the best scenario. Roman could've fought taker or the rock and been big. I don't get it really. WWE acts as if it can't have 2 big stars.

    Roman is clearly not the top dog everyone wants, so let Dean take that spot. Then, have Roman be the fallback, main eventer who still headlines shows, just not always for the title.

    WWE keeps fucking themselves every year with the idea that fans don't know what's best for them and Roman is the man no matter wtf you say. It's catching up with them. And for wanting this to be the biggest mania ever, they're really fucking this up.
  3. Last time it was the rumble, now it's fastlane. Yes the fastlane PPV overall wasn't anything to fap over but come on people grow up.

    And yes I have cancelled the network only because it's over a month till the next ppv.
  4. #CancelWWENetwork trending changes nothing.
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  5. Idiot fans will still watch and complain, It's like wwe is their whole lives or something :smirk2::21-1:
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  6. This PPV should have been good considering it leads up to WM but it wasn't. The skits in between matches were horrible. The matches themselves basically sucked other than a few of them. How the matches ended made no sense... Like I honestly don't get what is going on with them. I mean, this is suposta be the PPV before WM but the Raw before WM will likely be better than FastLane was. And that is sad. This should have hyped us up not made us think... "Well, it was alright I guess".

    I will be honest, I watched because I was hoping for some major surprises but I should know by now that WWE always plays it safe. I could have easily did without watching 90% of that horrific joke of a PPV. The last match was amazing up until it ended, as most people are agreeing with. No one cares who really would have won... just the way he won was utter trash. Something a 5 year old would have set up in a match against his friend in grandpa's backyard.

    I know I complain a lot but there really is no excuse for FastLane being as bad as it was. This should have been the easiest booked PPV in the year! There is nothing to it! Just follow the story lines!! But no... It sucked and it is because they don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

    Will Cena be back in time? Is Brie going to retire? Who will face Undertaker? What about Brock!? WILL ROMAN BE ENOUGH FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!!???

    Not even WWE can answer those questions.
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  7. I already cancelled. Unless WWE does drastic changes in the couple weeks, their entire vision seems piss poor and mania 32 is shaping up to be dumb as fuck and I won't renew.

    Rock vs Brock needs to happen
    Taker vs Dean

    If they don't do this I don't see how they can bounce back.
  8. lol i said that loud and clear, I meant the FB poll
  9. This is so stupid. I don't have The Network and probably never will because I'm a cheap bastard and also weed > WWF/E. But if I did, no way in hell would I unsubscribe because of one bad PPV. You can still watch Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression, WCW Nitro, old Smackdowns, old PPVs, etc right? Why would I give that up because lolreignswinz? Just don't watch the current product. Getting Twitter/Facebook to trend with hashtags isn't going to do anything but give WWE more publicity. lol
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  10. None of those folk will cancel. Not having the network would give them one less thing to complain about.
  11. I wonder if all these people are still complaining after Raw?
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