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  1. Well, skin cancer specifically is the pos disease I've learned about recently. You see this strong person become a former shell of themselves before your eyes. You try to remain positive but you see the end in sight. A person close to me developed a bump on their face. They learned of the cancer and the doctors went in to remove the disease. The prognosis after surgery was well. The small scar on the face of my beloved person in my life was barely noticeable. Then, three weeks ago, the cancer exploded. The cancer cells multipiled and now the entire side of their face had to be removed. I was at work during the surgery, because this person is such a fucking badass they had half their face removed without telling a soul. Well, within a few hours the word finally made its way to me and I jetted toward their house. That small unnoticable scar with a optimistic view on remission was now, as best I can describe, a debacle. Its truly a scene from a batman movie. The entire right side of the face looks like it was dipped in acid. Reconstructive surgery will be done, but the strength is gone in their life. They no longer speak in a rich, strong NY tone. Its a defeated person, a person making reservations with god. The cancer is only contained, not defeated.

    I hate this disease.
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  2. Yeah it's fucking terrible. Much uncle had lung cancer and watching him go through it was one of the toughest things I've ever had to go through.
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  3. MY uncle Died of Brain Cancer this year
  4. My nana had a misdiagnosed (she was in FL on vacation) bells palsey, found out it was a huge tumor around her ear. She went quickly (thank god) but for the month or two before the diagnosis, it was so hard to be around her, watching someone really fall into themselves. She steadily got worse and worse, realizing the doctors couldn't figure out what the problem was. I took her to the hospital about 5 times over a 2 week period, and when they finally figured it out, we had to take her home to be on bedrest (nothing they could do after nearly 5 months of looking at the wrong shit - a chiropractor was the one who told her what it must be and was right) thank god she went fast.

    People underestimate what family and support can do though, if they can have reconstructive surgery, there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully they have the support needed, because while my family and her daughters came, a lot of people didn't make it around to help out like they should have. Dying sucks in general, it's just crazy and scary to see people dying right in front of you, it's the kind of shit that puts religion into peoples hearts...hope that you'll meet again.

    Best of luck to your friend brother, tell them to keep faith because the will to live, even with a small percentage, can still turn out successful in the end. Giving up or falling into yourself only makes the end come more quickly.
  5. Sorry to hear this Dan. Stay strong pal and if you ever need to vent hit me up. Sometimes it is easier to open up to someone like me, who you only know from a wresting message board, than to talk with those around you.
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  6. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  7. Sorry to hear that man, I got something like that removed on my head and back a few years ago. My grandmother died of breast cancer, and my grandfather just managed to beat lung cancer. Hate it.
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  8. I actually just recently lost my great grandmother (wasn't that old tbh) to cancer in her leg. Was heartbreaking as her condition for the past year had been terrible from having to have her leg amputated to a small case of dementia starting around the time of her death. Was hard to watch, and I'm glad I got to see her before she died. Actually had a moment today where I totally forgot that she died and wondered how she was doing. Cancer is a bitch.
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  9. stay Positive Danny
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  10. I'm sorry to hear of that Danny.. the biggest and best thing you could do for anyone suffering from this fucked up disease is to support them as much as possible.

    Cancer is a genetic curse in my family. In my lifetime, thus far, I've had 8 family members die of varying forms of cancer.. lung, testicular, colon, brain, skin, and others. My uncle is currently fighting lung cancer with 6 months or less to live, my aunt has skin cancer with a undetermined amount of time left... and my step-mother was lost a couple months ago to brain cancer.

    But there's always a positive side to everything.. a yin to the yang.. my mother was diagnosed early with breast cancer, went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.. the whole nine.. and whipped it's ass.. 9 years and 2 months in remission at this moment.

    People die from cancer everyday... but there is also someone beating cancer everyday. There is always hope.
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  11. My deepest regards to the person you're close to. Cancer is a very unforgiving condition, regardless of what the person is dealing with. It doesn't just affect the person but also all the loved ones around them. Stay strong and be there as much as you can.

    I lost my Dad in late July after his nearly five year battle with Multiple Myeloma. Although I miss him more than anything, most of all I'm grateful that he's no longer suffering anymore. His strength and resiliency throughout the whole situation fills me with comfort and pride, and his memory will always live on in those that loved him. My Dad went into remission several times, but although he ended up losing his battle to it in the end, there are people who are lucky enough to encounter cancer but bounce back stronger than ever. This person you're close to could do the same thing. Either way, make the most of the time you have and be there as much as you can to support them.
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  12. @Danielson ur a strong and kind friend u will get thru this Danny u need a friend to talk to im here for ya Remember I had surgery and i am trying to get thru this
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  13. Danny, I am so sorry to hear about this. Know that the entire forum is here to support you and your beloved friend who is going through this.

    We're all here for you to listen, and to be that supporting beam.
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  14. :jeritroll:
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  15. Well.... my roommate and one of my best friends since high school has been in the hospital for a couple of days getting blood work done.. his white cell blood count "looks like magic Johnsons" according to him and they think he likely has leukemia. I'm fucking shook by this right now... idk what to say or think. He's 23 and just graduated from college this month.

    hopefully they caught it early and he can fuck this shit up
  16. Sorry to hear that bro.. hopefully it will turn out to be an immunodeficiency disease that is not cancer or AIDS related. Something he can live with or be cured of.. that'll be the best bet... or of course nothing at all.. or as you said hopefully they caught it early. Just be there for him if he needs you to... not much else you can do.

    Fuck Cancer!
  17. That sucks Danny. At least he's still got a friend like you around. I'm sure that helps.

    Lost my dad to bladder cancer right before he turned 60. By a couple of days. He never got to meet his grandson (born about 3 months later). He got so thin but his legs would bulge up from fluid or something. But he had smoked since he was like 12, so go figure.
  18. Cancer is a bitch. Hope everything goes good for you. I don't know anybody in my family who's died from it, but have had family suffer through diseases. Hope everything works out for your friend.
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  19. It's actually my grandmother. My grandfather also has leukemia but it doesn't effect him like it did her.

    Here is a pic of my gma just one year ago and one of her now. You can see the disease has aged her a good 20 years, and it's crazy to think about

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  20. Well here we go again, my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this morning after a month of stomach pain and losing close to 60 pounds of weight. As I've said numerous times before she had Breast Cancer and she beat it and with that I am hopeful that this will fall by the wayside as well. Pancreatic is the 2nd most aggressive form of cancer behind Brain so it's going to have to be dealt with quickly and aggressively but I am anticipating a quick turnaround and recovery.

    Please keep my mother, her name is Virginia, in your thoughts and prayers.. send good vibes and all that other stuff.

    I appreciate it and I thank you.
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