Canelo vs Lara

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Jul 12, 2014.

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  1. Ginger Ninja

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  2. Lara

  3. Lol boxing fucksucks and is ded #TBE

  1. Anyone willing to spare a care cup? I got Canelo in 8 via TKO, who ya got? @gav the chav
  2. Im going for lara via unanimous decision
  3. I don't see Lara getting a decision even if he kills Cinnamon in all honesty a few people have predicted the judging will be a bit iffy. Can Lara cope with Canelo's power also?
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  4. Lara, knockout.
  5. Yes its quite a tough one to call it could go either way I reckon I might have to stay up and watch this
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  6. If you want to we can use this as a discussion thread.
  7. I'll be watching on all likelyness
  8. Yes if I can stay up for it I'll be here
  9. This undercad is horrid.
  10. Anyone got an HD stream? The 2 I found are both highly pixelated. Please send via PM.
  11. If Lara didn't have the 5 inch reach advantage there would be no contest.. and he's getting cocky.. I can see Canelo knocking him out to finish this... probably around the 6 or 7 round.
  12. Canelo has this fight... you can see Lana getting frustrated and losing control.
  13. I love it lol

    Canelo comments after the fight.

    "I came here to fight, he came here to run"

    "I'll give him a rematch when he learns how to fight."

    The fight was scored correctly despite the "controversy".

    Very good fight.
  14. Canelo did work on him, the split was the right call imo. Sorry btw Kev if I knew you were watching I'd have been here to make it a discussion thread. Interested to see the numbers on this also.
  15. No prob.. here are the stats... as far as punches thrown/landed.

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