Cannibalism and Vampires

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 4, 2017.

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  1. Bad spelling is bad...
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  2. @Grievous Well if we weren't both on a list before... xD
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  3. Yeah.... I hate Canabolism. That is a perfect example of demon Possessed People. Im NOT kidding. Cause nobody in their right minds would do something like that.
  4. Yep...mission accomplished...

    Now the police will come and take away my computer again...
  5. You've also accomplished in confusing me.. lol
  6. You spelt Cannibalism wrong...

    I HATE thread titles with spelling errors...

    Its a pet peeve of mine...

    If I ever become a mod here (LOL I know)
    I would go through the entire forum and fix
    all the thread titles with spelling errors.
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  7. Hey, Im not perfect.
    Ok...Fine, I fixed it, Happy now?
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  8. Took a quick shower in order to write this real fast.

    Cannibalism: Cannibalism isn't always a sign of demonic possession or whatever. It is also some people are forced to do in survival situations. Watch the movie Alive (which as far as I know is based on a true story, and was actually a very interesting movie). Also, when people go to church and eat those little wafer things, isn't that symbolic of cannibalism, due to you eating "the body of Christ"? Not defending cannibalism, but I'm saying it's not wrong 100% of the time, if it means saving good people's lives.

    Vampires: The bat kind and the sparkly Twilight kind are both dumb and bullshit. But there are many people who enjoy the taste of blood, like myself. And for the most part, people don't go around biting people or slicing strangers on the street to get a taste. It's more of a mutual thing. As one example, a few days every month if someone has a girlfriend. It's much easier and less weird (to me at least) than cutting each other open at the wrist or whatever. As long as it's mutual, I don't see any issue with it.
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  9. u wot m8? :doge:
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  10. There's a movie called Green Inferno. I don't recommend actually watching it. It shows savages eating people alive. Think of a lion attacking a gazelle where you literally get to see the meat and blood being ripped off using the lion's bare teeth.

    I've seen the movie. Feel free to research the movie if cannibalism really does fascinate you.

    If the urge is too much to resist go ahead and check it out. The visuals are quite legit.
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  11. Nah..... I'll stay as far away from those kinds of movies as I can go. I understand if its the last option for who knows what reason. Other than That, I dnt think about it much... If at all
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  12. Very much so...

    *Hands L-Haze a Cookie*

    Nobody should watch that was an awful attempt at a remake
    of a couple of true classics...

    Cannibal Holocaust - Wikipedia


    Cannibal Ferox - Wikipedia

    Although I will admit "The Green Inferno" is a sweet title...

    Spelling errors in regular posts are fine...I just
    can't handle spelling errors in thread titles.

    It makes everyone on the forum look like
    a bunch of illiterate wrestling fanboys who
    are simply whining and crying about some
    random problem.

    As a fandom...wrestling fans need to seem
    intelligent and understanding...not a bunch
    of narrow minded man-babies.

    Just my opinion...
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  13. I want what you're smoking and/or drinking (preferably drinking) if you think that type of wrestling fan will ever be the minority, especially on the internet. Just look at how many stupid fucks are subscribed to Sheep Culture and look to Adams Pacify Her and Blumpkin and Meltzer as their gods or something. That type of fan will always be a bunch of narrow minded man-babies, because the major product (WWE) is targeted specifically towards that demographic. Honestly, I don't mind it, because it helps me keep the list of people who I feel the need to socialize with in any kind of real depth or conversation to a bare minimum. The rest of the people can go eat each other for all I care (and that's how you bring the post full circle, my friends :emoji_wink: :emoji_grin: )
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  14. I dnt know..... :urm:
    If I saw someone eating another human, I would scream bloody murder so loud ppl would hear me miles away and I would run as fast as my legs can go if not faster:hutz::hutz:
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  15. This might attract vampires though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  16. I'll stop screaming and running long enough to pick up some Garlic. How's that? :emoji_wink:
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  17. Anyone heard of Jeffrey Dahmer?
  18. I've heard the name alot..... But I honestly don't know much about him.....
  19. I can't count the number of people who have nicknamed me Jeffrey Dahmer just because of my name and "slight so-called insanity" lol
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