Cant add a new topic except here

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Still won't work.
  2. Do you have no other device to do it from?

    If not, is there any other different apps you could use for your phone, since you use tapatalk right? If worse comes to worse you can PM me or seabs your thread and we'll post it for you giving you full credit/
  3. Either that or you could post it in here and we'll move it.
  4. True. Its just frustrating is all....
  5. I'll try and fix it, but I'm sure it's not our problem, I think it's the app you're using.
  6. Could be.. Allowing posting in one place and not another. Not sure what would cause it
  7. No idea, that's the weird thing, you can post here without trouble but anywhere else and you can't. Is it that there's no "new thread" button, or is it a no permissions error?
  8. There is a create new topic button. But anywhere by this section it crashes as soon as I hit it
  9. Could you try uninstalling then reinstalling?
  10. Just tried..... No luck
  11. What app do you use?
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