Can't get on my account.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Sasuke, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. I clicked Crayo's name but I can't figure out how to PM anyone, so I'll make this thread. The symbols I used on my last username are uknown on here, so I can't get on my account. Could someone fix this? @Crayo @Xanth

    Thanks. Check my IP or Skype me if you must verify.
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  2. In Xenforo, private messages are now called Private Conversations. You can start one by going to the person's profile, scrolling down, & clicking "Start A New Conversation."

    You may also start a Conversation by hovering over your Inbox & clicking "Start A New Conversation," and then entering the persons name.
  3. What was your name on the old setup again?
  4. ๖ۣۜSasuke
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  5. I swear I posted here...

    Sorry. All done. Your name is now "Sasuke." here with a dot.
  6. What you get for being stupid with your name :diaz1:
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  7. Got it. Thanks Crayo. CLosing the thread now. (If I can)
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