can't post an image for a signature.

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  1. I even went to the help link on here to look at the example. I just don't know. help?
  2. Type in [ img ]the image URL[ /img ] without the spaces
  3. I just did it. I keep getting a box with an x in it and says[​IMG]
  4. Try uploading your pic on and then use that url instead.
  5. What image are you trying to add to your signature?
  6. I haven't decided yet. The shield or Daniel Bryan.
  7. Find the image you want, go to and upload it. Get the link from Imgur and put this in your sig:

  8. Are you by any chance using your phone?
  9. shit let me get in on this help wagon
    Find an image host to host your image like and put the URL it returns inside these codes in your signature:
    [img]<img URL goes here>[/img]
  10. Make it Daniel Bryan and join the American Dragons :please:
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