Can't Post Statuses on Mobile.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Hannah Bee, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. I'm mostly on mobile mode, because my college didn't block the site (:yay:) and I spend most of my time here (cafeteria, checking the forums while I eat something. (:yay: Steak)).

    I can't post/comment/like on the status bar. :/// If I go to the desktop version, my browser freezes. Help? :cries:
  2. Ugh, this is out of my element as my phone won't even allow me to visit this site.

    Has phones ever allowed statuses though? I'm sure it was just a computer thing.

    Can someone help me by confirming this? @[Big Hoss Rambler]
  3. Unfortunately, you can't post status on the mobile version of the site. When you click "Post Status", it doesn't.

    The desktop version works but my phone doesn't freeze. Whenever I need to reply or post status, I change it to the desktop version. Not sure why your phone freezes though.
  4. I can do everything on my iPhone. Jealous Crayo?
  5. The fuck I can't even do it on my iPhone :upset:
  6. What error did you get?
  7. Nothing, I just push the button and it does nothing. I can write up a status or comment, but if I press "post comment" or "post status" it won't do anything. I can still like posts on it though.
  8. Damn, this sucks. Need Anon here to fix this.
  9. If you visit this link from mobile site, you can make new status.

    But, you can't reply or comment though..
  10. Whilst your on your phones guys, how does the mobile theme look?
  11. It looks good, it has "UCP, PMs, Logout" at the top, and underneath it is "WWE FORUMS-WRESTLING DISCUSSION" in large letter, then under that is, View New Posts, Help, and Search, then all the forums are there with the letters being blue and the backeground of the sections being kinda teal
  12. Whoo gives a shit, OP?
  13. @[Crayo]


  15. Thank you Big Hoss :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. If you can download the app tapatalk, the forum works like a charm. It's like 2.99.
  17. Not with updating statues though because it is not a part of Tapatalk.
  18. Tapatalk has no statuses, and doesn't display smileys.
  19. I own a HTC Sensation XL..

    I'm on the forum while I'm at work, and it just looks the same as the regular one, because I clicked on: 'Switch To Full Version' so it's different in look than the one Hoss posted. I can post statusses, can reply and like them. It's hard to do, because you need to click the right part of the bar to do it. Besides that, no problems at all.
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