Cant wait to hear that Chicago crowd pop for CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Cant wait to hear that Chicago crowd pop for CM Punk tonight on Raw :pity:
  2. For once I agree.

    The crowd tonight will be electric, Chicago always is, A great crowd always adds to the show.
  3. :woo1:

    I didn't realize this was thread-worthy, though. Thought it could just be posted in the discussion thread.
    Oh, and hey, there are new CM Punk T-shirts, too.
  4. I wanted to say the same thing but I always feel like I'm the bad guy with BLFFL lol so I guess we can talk about the crowd ITT
  5. Probably is going to be the third week in a row we've gotten good crowd reactions.


  6. Eh, that'll work. Just killed me to see she started a thread just saying, "Can't wait to hear the crowd pop for Punk."

    Anyway, should be an outstanding crowd as Chicago typically is. Very much looking forward to that and hoping it adds to the show.
  7. Cactus Jack you are the bad guy when it comes to my threads

    Anyways the hometown boy is home and Chicago will do him proud. WWE needs to tour the biggest best cities and stop going to shitty cities that dont do fuck all during the shows
  8. Betting Punk gets humiliated in front of his home crowd like Miz did last week. Ironic considering it was brought up in a thread just the other day that Punk is one guy who hasn't been humiliated in his home town yet (unless I'm forgetting something.)

    Glad that Raw will have an electric crowd for tonight.
  9. BLFFL I have to be the bad guy [​IMG]
  10. Ok so your saying your Scott Hall the bad guy that turned into an alchoholic that is near to deaths door ok then

    Anyways I wanna see CM Punk kick ass tonight and for his hometown crowd to go crazy
  11. I am the BAD GUY! [​IMG]

  12. Lol,no.
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  13. Lol, :yes:

  14. :nope: You couldn't be a "bad guy" if you tried your hardest.
  15. No your not

    CM Punk >>> Cactus Jack
  16. CM Punk is > than me yes

    But if you mean the wrestlers Cactus Jack and CM Punk then Cactus Jack >>>>>> Punk

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