Movies Captain America Civil War Discussion [Spoilers]

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Here's the thread! I saw it last night in Times Square in the 4DX theater, it was fucking dope. Who else saw it already?

    They did a great job with the story and the introduction of both Black Panther and Spider Man, also setting up their respective solo movies. The villain Zemo was really interesting too, with how he wanted to just break the avengers apart rather than have the Winter Soliders kill them (hence why he killed the winter soldiers, he just wanted to lead iron man and captain america up to the base to reveal Bucky killed Tony's parents). The Stan Lee cameo was of course funny as fuck, "excuse me, i'm looking for a Tony Stank". LOL, no one important died, well, Crossbones just killed himself off in the beginning, but I ain't even mad, because it is too cliche to kill someone off like that only to bring him back later via an infinity stone. I give it a 9/10, great kick off to phase 3, looking forward to Doctor Strange later this year.

    What does everyone else think?
  2. Literally everyone in this cast nailed it.

    I went into this film being Team Cap and by the end I could see some of Stark's points and had basically started stradling the fence. I think I'm still Team Cap when it comes to the reasoning behind the Accords, but I do see The Vision's point. By the end however it becomes so much more than just the idea of a make-shift superhero registration act (as it was in the comics) and it was close to totally genius in it's execution.

    Baron Zemo may be one of the best villains in MCU history based soley on his effectiveness and the level of thought and reasoning he put into his plan; you think it's one thing, turns out its something totally different and it's this huge story that's motivated by such personal things that it's got more emotional weight than you would expect to. Bruhl is also a phenomenal actor and with him surviving this film I'm looking forward to his return to the MCU at some point.

    Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr's chemistry was off the charts and even though I hate that they split up Tony and Pepper off screen and want at least one more appearence from Paltrow to wrap up that story if that is them over with, I'm already shipping Tony Stark and Aunt May and battling with myself about it because May deserves better.

    Even knowing it was coming GiAnt Man was epic and Spidey taking him down with an Empire Strikes Back reference was utterly brilliant.

    I wonder if the return of Ross and the inclusion of the Raft could mean the possibility of a Thunderbolts team in the MCU in phase four? Using the Raft as a base of operations and any villains we have standing by the end of phase three as the first team. Or would Marvel not wanna do that with the inevitable comparisons they'd get to Suicide Squad? Given how alike to BvS this movie is (and how much better at that) I'd suggest it's worth that risk.

    Is it weird that I'm disappointed no one died?
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  3. Just saw it tonight. Fuckin loved it honestly. Black Panther is my dude, he killed it. This is really the first time i've enjoyed Spiderman in movie form. Got no complaints really, thought it was gonna drag on with how long it is but it flew by, really good stuff.
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