Captain Kirk Wins All Fights

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Action Jackson, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. That's all.

    If Captain Kirk fights a dude, he fucking wins. Period.

    He wins all the fist-fights and fucks all the broads. He even fist-fucks a few of the broads. He's a kinky dude. He bangs Andorian broads and holds on to those blue antenna the whole time.


    Captain Kirk: RED ALERT, BITCH!!


    Captain Kirk: DROPKICK LIKE A MAN!!




    Captain Kirk: HURRI-KHAN-RANA!!
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  2. I-I....would.....liketothinkthat......t-this thread........isjustverycorrect!
  3. The best part about this topic, is your signature, because it has the fucking Warmachine in it.
  4. The best part would be Captain Kirk flying out of a TV and kicking you in the twat.
  5. Col. Rhodes > Captain Kirk. /Thread
  6. Trolls gettin' blocked
  7. Just gonna say, as awesome as Kirk is.

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  8. ENGAGE!
  9. MAKE IT SO!
  10. Picard is the Greatest of all the Star Trek Captains :emoji_grin:!
  11. Picard is the shit!! I prefer Riker on that show though. Riker does all the fighting and fucking and he never cries.
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