Captain Obvious (Meltzer): Mickie James and King Mo Updates, and More "News"

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  1. So Observer legit news:

    - Mickie James was out of action for three-and-a-half months after the removal of a large benign mass that had been kept secret. Mickie was in great spirits upon her return at the TV tapings given what she’d been through.

    - The TV tapings last week were rushed through as quickly as possible. They were afraid of not getting people out since they had a live TV shoot on 11/8, a PPV on 11/11, and then still had two nights of TV starting at 6 p.m. Because Universal Studios has fireworks at 7 p.m., a lot of the crowd watched until at 6:50 p.m. and left both nights, but the way they shoot, it wasn’t noticeable at all. They did some piping in of fake crowd noise.

    - King Mo is currently in Holland until December working on sharpening up his striking before he fights in January. Apparently when he was in OVW, they told him to study the Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Minoru Suzuki match from NJPW, because Suzuki is the best in the business right now at using realistic moves and a real style as a pro wrestler. Mo has watched and studied the match many times.

    Kudos to Mickie!:yes:

    Btw, whomever suggested Suzuki-Tana match to Mo, should get a raise. :obama:

    And now, Captain Obvious NEWZZZ!!

    - The current plan is for Sting to come back and take revenge against the Aces and Eights, as TNA is under the assumption that Sting will re-sign for another year. NO SHIT SHERLOCK

    - The current plan is for AJ Styles to play a bitter character on television without turning into a full fledged heel. :facepalm:

    - Magnus will be off television for a while. He may return as a babyface during the UK Tour, but the long-term idea is for him to remain as a heel. Everyone is high on Magnus, and the feeling is that he’s better as a heel right now. NO SHIT SHERLOCK

    - The Eric Young injury angle was done to write his character off and somehow close out the ODB/EY marriage angle, as his contract is expiring shortly. Things could change if they come to terms on a new deal, but that was the general idea. CHANGE IS COMING SHERLOCK... MAYBE:cornette:

    This 2nd part of his news is just hilarious.
  2. Oh Meltzer, you suck so bad.
  3. Meltzer you cock.
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  4. Honestly my 2 year old niece could either one make better bulls**t up or two actually find out something interesting just by bashing random keys on a keyboard!
  5. LOL just saw even Punk is owning this poor bitch on twitter. For the win! :win:
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