Caption This: Run, Slater, Run!

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  1. Caption This: Run, Slater, Run!


    Heath Slater tried to make a run for it, but the WWE Legends weren't about to let The One-Man Band get through the historic night without a fight.

    Head to the comments section and give us your funniest and wittiest captions for this photo from the 1,000th episode of Raw!

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  2. Doink: Somebody's about to get their ass kicked! ooohhhhh
    DDP: Got you in my sight!
    Sid: This hand, is the one I'm gonna fuck you up with!
    Animal: Who the fuck is that?
    Vadar: BOOBS!!!!
    Bob: Gotcha mutha fucka
  3. "DDP.... That's too small of an opening in your hands... I'll never get it to fit in there no matter how much KY you have!!!"

    Slater is a BOSS

  4. Slater: "I hate clowns!"
  5. Lita, your boyfriends are here!
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