Caption this screen from last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    You heard the title. Caption that pic.

    My attempt:
    Dean: Hey Seth, what are you looking at?
    Seth: Some bitch with a camera.
  2. Dean: It was that guy over there that suggested your heel turn

    Seth: -_-
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  3. Dean: Is your sister still mad about what I did to her cat?
    Seth: Yes
  4. "why the fuck are we wearing these stupid vests?"
  5. Farooq: *holding the camera and having a stareoff with Seth*
    Seth: *having stareoff with Farooq*
    Dean: Damn!
    JBL: :jbl:
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  6. Dean: What are you thinking about?
    Seth: That burrito I had for lunch.
  8. Dean: You're the father
    Seth: ................................................
  9. Dean... "Hey Seth... I know this is bad.. But at least you not doing a Claire Ly.."

    Seth.. "F()k off"
  10. Dean: Sorry about wearing your underwear back in the locker room.

    Seth: .......

    ~Three Said That~
  11. Dean: I finally made it on the main roster about fucking time

    Seth: That chick is hot
  12. Dean: Hmmmm guurl, look at dat booty on Ryback..
    Seth: I knooooooow, guurl.. Hmmmmm..
  13. Must admit I giggled.
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