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  1. Remember the thread posted about the WWE hiring someone to make a statue of Andre The Giant (which they've now already accomplished)? I think the assumption is that they may make statues out of other important figures in WWE history (and maybe wrestling history as a whole.) It may one day be the case that Bruno, Hogan, Savage. Andre, Warrior, Austin, Rock, Cena, etc. are all lined up beside one another.

    Anyway, does anyone think it would ALSO be neat if the WWE hired the same group of people (or a different group of people, it makes no difference) to make a statue out of a precise moment in time? Like the important or iconic moment in the middle of a match that people remember, or even something that happened after a match, like someone winning the world title for the first time and holding it up or something along those lines? Would require a lot more work than just a normal human statue but it would make for great display for the physical Hall of Fame building they're planning on constructing over there in Florida or wherever.

    What are some iconic moments that would make for great moments captured in time? Hogan body slamming Andre is the obvious one. Maybe Austin in the sharpshooter at Wrestlemania 13 with the blood running down his face while screaming in pain? Might make an awkward statue since you'd have to kneel down to get the best look of Austin's face but it could work. Ultimate Warrior holding up both the WWF and Intercontinental Titles at Wrestlemania 6 maybe?
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    Perfect moment
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