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  1. I have a car question...
    I know nothing about cars and my husband has to get a new car, doesn't have to be brand new but newer. So which brands/makes are under $18,000 when they are brand new? I am trying to find a used car for under $8,000 since we are going to be getting a house soon, we don't wanna spend a ton of money on a car. I found some 2011 Ford Focus' for under $8,000 but he doesn't really care for them that much. He's not into cars but he wants a car that isn't girly or too small.
  2. Get a Mini Cooper, I plan on getting one myself :boss:
  4. Yeah thats little lol
  5. Hyundai Santa Fe is a small SUV, isn't too bad on gas, and shouldn't be too expensive used.
  6. He don't like SUV's lol

    And I haven't found any SUV/Truck that has better then 22MPG
  7. Chevrolet Malibu with an Ecotec engine. No balls, not too small, but good on gas
  8. He has a Malibu lol That car fell apart fast. I think its only at 90,000 some miles.
  9. Focus's are good. Good on fuel and well built.

    Either a Focus or Renault Megane (if they do them in the US.) Family had a megane for about 4 year, got 50mpg most times and it was solid.
    I prefer the new version for the looks, but if looks isn't all it's about then:

    The older ones are just as good:
  10. What year?
  11. 2004 I think
  12. Yeah, those sucked lol. I meant 08 and up.
  13. I am not sure if they make them here or not. I will look into that though! Thanks! :otunga:
  14. Yeah I kinda figured the newer ones were better built
  15. No bother,
  16. Not in US :sad:

    Nice looking car though. The two door looked very nice.
  17. F*ck cars.


    All day err day.
  18. We can only dream :obama:
  19. Suzuki swifts? They're also nice small cars good on fuel.
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