Cara could be injured again.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 18, 2012.

  2. Probably his old injury spooking about.
  3. Didn't notice any incidents where he could have damaged it, so maybe it's the older injury flaring up due to his higher amount of wrestling atm.
  4. :meh: won't miss him personally.
  5. Yeah, Sin Cara is pretty injury prone. He's been wrestling since he was 15 in a Lucha style, his knees have to be busted indeed. But I really hope they're able to do Rey vs Cara, because Mysterio is in even worse condition.
  6. He really is the next Rey Rey.
  7. Poor Mistico just can't break through. [​IMG]
  8. It'll be the Betty Ford clinic next!
  9. Rather see Hunico get Cara's push
  10. Too bad Del Rio is the only Mexican injury free on the roster. Rey, Hunico and Cara all out
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