Careers that ended too early

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 27, 2013.

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  1. This applies to all wrestling, not just WWE but I figured we could get the most active discussion here.

    Are there any wrestling careers who you feel ended way too early, be it by choice or accident?

    I'll let someone else take the obvious Eddie Guerrero and throw out Hayabusa instead. Very underrated high flyer (in the west) who helped introduce Japanese fans to the high flying lucha style. Had he not botched one moon sault he would have likely been on level with Jushin Liger now or just under.
  2. Its sad that Hayabusa is in a wheelchair now guy was amazing in the ring.
  3. He's been walking for a few years now actually. As good as fully healed. He has also said he wants to have one more match but I don't think he will. He's also talked about starting his own promotion.
  4. Ignoring the casualties for the time being and going on guys who didn't have the heart for it, Brock Lesnar.

  5. really? Thats awesome news.
  6. He worked some with Dragon Gate around 2009. Being a part of their first US tour, signing autographs, holding Q&A's and such.
  7. :hmm: I think Lashley's career ended to soon in the WWE. He could have been a world champion, he had that look and whatnot to be a world champion that Vince liked.I think Elijah Burke's was short too, I caught him pretty entertaining when The New Breed fought the ECW Originals.
  8. Stone Cold Steve Austin!

    Even though he made his impact in the little main event time he had, there was still potential to do so much more with other superstars. If he were still wrestling in 2003/2004 full time, we could have got a match with Goldberg. Wouldn't have been as big of a deal as it would have been in 1998, but still. We could have got an ACTUAL feud and match with Brock Lesnar the way it should have been done, as opposed to the way WWE tried to go about it in 2002. Remember Brock stealing Austin's four wheeler and Austin going to Smackdown to reclaim it in 2004? It was awesome.

    Others he could have clashed with:

    John Cena - Kinda writes itself, though I feel Cena/Rock probably had better chemistry than Austin/Cena would have, just like Rock/Hogan did, strangely.

    Batista - Imagine Austin being unimpressed with Batista man handling those smaller than him (which is most people) and saying he'll still "drop Batista's big 300 pound jacked up ass on his damn chin with the Stone Cold Stunner."

    Randy Orton - The Legend Killer trying to make a name for himself by going after none other than the Texas Rattlesnake. These two would have the best chemistry if Orton was The Viper when he clashed with Austin, but unfortunately, Austin would have likely been retired by that point. Orton trying to kill WWE's biggest legend ever opposite of Hulk Hogan to make a name for himself is still a logical enough reason to feud.

    Edge - the Rated R superstar saying he's not only more controversial but better in the ring than the redneck anti-authority hero. I could see these two having a pretty good brawl. I also see Lita slapping Austin (imagine the feud took place in 2006) and getting a stunner for it. As if those chair shots she took to the back in 2001 wasn't enough.

    JBL - These two had a beer drinking contest in 2006 that was somewhat entertaining. They also went at it briefly with fists and a Clothesline From Hell and a Stone Cold Stunner at Cyber Sunday 2008. Would have been somewhat entertaining. Austin definitely wins this feud, of course.

    CM Punk - This could have happened already when Punk was working his Straight Edge Society gimmick. Imagine him preaching against the evils of Austin's beer drinking and finger jestering and cursing and trying to say he could do what no other can do, and that's "save" Steve Austin. Austin responds that Punk is the one who will need saving when he opens up the biggest can of whoop ass anyone has ever seen.
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  9. Brian Pillman and the Dynamite Kid. Both fantastic performers capable of high flying and mat work. Pillman especially because his mic work was awesome as well.
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  10. For me it is Edge great superstar. Loved to see him in action
  11. Maven, Nidia, Chris Nawoski basically everyone from Tough Enough.
  12. I know he came back but HBK missing all that time with various injuries sort of stings a little. I wish I could have seen him even more.

    The main one I can think of is Brett Hart though. Such a tragic loss as well, R.I.P.
  13. Heidenreich's career ended way too early, although that face crap he was doing was awful just before he left. I did enjoy his run as a heel and he did have that monstrous look that could have been very useful today.
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  18. I know im new here and i don't really have a say,but thanks to Eddy335,all thig got out of topic..Ehm,for me it is Edge..I mean he was only 38,he could be in the company still for some years.. *damn his neck*
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