Carlito Finds Zack Ryder Annoying

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 15, 2012.

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  2. He spits in the face of people who dont want to be cool

  3. I'm kind of with him actually. I respect Ryder a lot for using his initiative and starting his Internet show and getting himself insanely over. However I don't find his character remotely funny, and he can't do much serious storylines with it so I really fail to see what's so great about him.

    Still, I guess the fans' voices have to be heard and he should be given a midcard push simply because of how over he is. He's a good wrestler and if they tweak his character and make him a little more serious then I may begin to enjoy him.
  4. I see what you're saying, but when you look a the business at this stage, he is good for WWE.
  5. ^^ is his character even supposed to be funny
  6. Definately, he should be given a midcard push, just not a great fan myself.

    I guess so? He's not a serious character so I presume that's what they want him to be? I just don't get it personally.
  7. Ryder cannot work serious? Where have you been?

    Ryder's character is surprisingly deep. In some ways thanks to his internet show. Ryder has established a character with multiple layers, we have a backstory, we know where Ryder comes from. We know who Ryder has worked with, what kind of guy he is and what he wants. He has proven that he can work serious angles whilst keeping up with his comical character. The character is also one that can evolve over time into a more serious character. Eddie Guerreros character is a example. Started out as joker character but turned into a serious main eventer. Same with multiple other characters.
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  8. He's worked serious but he's really one dimensional with his current character when it comes to be serious. He did in the Kane/Eve/Cena abomination of a story, but all he can really do is get attacked lots of times making us feel sorry for him, that's it.

    Eddie Guerrero is a totally different case. He was always able to be a joke kind of character but it had enough to it that meant he could also be serious as soon as he wanted to be. Besides, I'm not saying that Ryder couldn't turn it serious, I'm saying that his current character could be tweaked and make him seem like more of a serious threat than just this complete joke, which, he is to me just now.

    P.S I think this may be the most anyone has said character in one post on WF!
  9. Ryder's a fantastic worker. He pushed his own ass to get where he is now, but he's underpushed. He's really wonderful (met him before.) and the fact that his character seems so normal made me like him. I watched him even before Z!TLIS, and was with the Ryder revolution since Day 1. His character feels like it's not forced down to out throats, that his character we can relate with everyday people.

    Fuck Carlito, he's just jealous because he wasn't pushed when he was in the WWE.
  10. if you use the Kane angle as an example of Ryder being serious you are setting yourself up for failure. The Ziggler feud and the Christian feud from 2009 were great. Ryder was awesome as a serious character there.
  11. :shock:

    You met Ryder?
  12. I'm not saying that he can't play the serious character though! His character needs tweaked so that it can do it, I'm not saying Zack the person can't do it.

    Ziggler wasn't exactly a fued, it was more him just chasing the US title and making a big deal out of it. I did really enjoy it, but it's still not what I would call a serious fued.

    Could you imagine his character in an intense 5-10 minute promo with someone, or a 2-3 month long personal fued? Not at all for me, it's not sustainable. Give his character a few tweaks though and I he would be able to do it.
  13. Last year. Went midnight Wal-Mart shopping with my Aunt. He's with Curt and Trent.

    Just had a normal convo tho. Didn't get a chance to get an auto-graph because Trent called him... :[[
  14. But, were you in America in that time?
  15. Whether he likes it or not it's not something he should be tweeting really.
  16. Agreed, it's not professional. Guess it's just for some attention.
  17. My perfect go home segment for before TLC would have been Ziggler laying into Ryder on the mic only for Ryder to come out and cut him off, cut a 5-10 minute serious promo about him chasing that title and finally getting his shot, proving to the world that he is a serious contender. Shocking the crowd and Ziggler who had so far only seen Zack as a joke.

    But that's just how I would have done it :jericho:


    Also Carlito seems to have reached that Bret Hart stage where he whines on everything.
  18. Yeah. I assisted my younger cousin going baack to the States. Only stayed for 2 days tho.... -_______________________________________________-

  19. :laugh: No cherry coke over there?
    Got plenty here, just not buying it. :haha:

    Pretty cool, tho. *le 2 days in USA, sees 3 wrasslers from WWE.

    Not bad.:obama:
  20. I'd of liked to have seen that as well, showing a new side to his character and gradually progressing. Could've been really cool. Just something different from what he's doing just now would be nice.

    I used to like Carlito actually, shame he had to have a breakdown then become a twat.
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