News Carlito Returning Soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Ehh... "It's no secret that WWE has been looking for a top Hispanic star and they could bring Carlito back as he fits what they are looking for." - I think Kalisto is THE guy for that job. And while I wouldn't mind having Carlito back, nothing will prolly come out of this.
  2. Top hispanic guy = Caribbean guy?
  3. I doubt it.
  4. Every Caribbean country except Haiti is Hispanic. That includes Puerto Rico.
  5. He spits in the face, of those who don't like to be cool.
  6. I like Carlito and wouldn't mind seeing him back.

    It makes me wonder how/if it would affect Los Matadores.

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  7. It wouldn't, I think. The word on the street is Los Matadores are on their way to being repackaged.
  8. We'll make them Latino gangstas....oh, wait....:russo:

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  9. He is a great performer, and he is someone i do remember quite alot around the 2005/6/7 Ages. I look forward to it.
  10. His theme is one of the best ever.
  11. Is he still fat?
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  12. I would love to see him feud with cena for the US title
  13. You mean like Kevin Owens fat?
  14. Nah, as in chubby fat. He's been rocking the belly rolls on the independents for a while and it doesn't exactly fit him. Owens makes being big work since he's a big burly brawler. Carlito is not.
  15. I mean, I guess it'd be cool, but wouldn't care if he didn't.
  16. He could be skinny-fat.

  17. Carlito could rock the skinny fat look. Jericho worked like that and he looks/looked believable.
  19. You beat me to the punch by posting that.

    Not surprised he didn't take the offer, though.
  20. Lol, dude can finish his career on big arenas and he still refuses. They must have offered damn nickel
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