Carlito Suggests The Rock Is Using Steroids

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. As noted earlier, The Rock announced on Twitter the he had tore his ab and abductor tendons during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

    Former WWE star Carlito took to his Twitter following the announcement to call the Rock out, stating that the injury may be due to steroid use.

    "Rock tore his ab & adductor tendons? Hmm, I guess instead of getting in tremendous shape for mania...he got in TREN-mendous shape!", the ex-WWE star wrote.

    For those of you who are unaware, lists Tren as one of the most popular steroids to date. The site notes that some of the drugs benefits include "increased muscle mass, increased strength, and increased recovery."

  2. That's not very cool, Rock.
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  3. Isn't torn abductor muscles also a common injury among steroid users?
  4. Pretty likely.
  5. You can't flat out accuse him of roids because of this injury lol, it's likely he's juicing IMO but this is far from any kind of confirmation.
  6. If he is, good for him. Making movies and wrestling is all make believe with predetermined outcomes. If he knows the risks and is willing to take them to make himself look larger than life, more power to him. He's an adult, he knows what he's doing. Just sounds like jealousy from Carlito, he should try some TREN too.

  7. Just looking at The Roid's arms is confirmation.

  8. Well obviously.
  9. Who cares? Not going to make any difference in The Rock's movie or wrestling career if he does.
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  10. The Rock on fucking shit
  11. Rock used steroids and he admitted that in an MTV interview
  12. Carlito is as shite as both his former partner and Chavo:

  13. Yeah in college lol, that doesn't mean he's juicing now.
  14. Remember he said "wrestlers had a lot of liberty to use steroids" so he used them at WWE too and I personally think he stills use them because WWE drugs control is once a year I believe I read so I think he may have used them a couple times
  15. Where does he say he used them in WWE surely he could just be expressing an opinion on why some guys used roids whilst in the E couldn't he also?
  16. He said a culture was created and talked about ten years ago so it seems to me that he used them during his WWE period, You're right too, it may only be an opinion but I think he says that because he used them at WWE
  17. ok? were the prove!? of this i sick of people just flat acuse someone with out prove to back it up!
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