News Carlos Colon Sr for hall of fame

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  1. Word going around is that he'll be inducted by his sons Carlos Jr (Carlito), Eddie (Primo) and his nephew Tito (Epico).
  2. did he ever ashley wrestler for wwe other then rumble match in 1993?
  3. He had a short run in 1993 but otherwise no. But a lot of people in the hall of fame have never worked more than one match for the WWF. It's a hall of fame for people that Vince like and respect.

    Antonio Inoki for example is in the hall of fame. One of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling ever, certified legend and icon but he has only worked one match for WWF which was in Japan. And Vince respects him enough to put him in the HOF.
  4. wasin he the got who won the WWWF Champion but never really won it since he got piss or something and just gave the belt to Bob Backlin?
  5. He won the belt off of Backlund. Lost a rematch but the GM of New Japan at the time declared the match a no contest since there was interference, making Inoki the winner. But Inoki threw down the belt since he said "it was a trash belt". So they had Backlund win it later against some guy named Bobby Duncum. As Inoki refused the title his reign is not included nor is it recognized by WWE in its official history and Backlund is recognized as having one reign from 1978–1983.
  6. yes that what i madent. he won the title but his reign is not counting in wwe title runs.
  7. Inoki is a beast still, its amazing how being slapped by him is a sign of courage for anyone well bar Brock.
  8. Grandpappy of Strong Style.
  9. Least interesting 2014 HOF inductee yet.
  10. BRUISER BRODY! *clap clap *clap clap clap
  11. Are they supposed to be interesting? Maybe it's because I'm young but I don't see what is at all interesting about the HOF or why people care.
  12. I'm just pointing out that he's the first guy for this year's class thus far that I never cared about in any way, shape or form. I mean, I usually don't even watch the HOF live, but I'll usually still check out the speeches of the people I like on Youtube (or wherever) eventually. Lita, Paul Bearer, Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts are all people I might be interested in hearing or seeing again. Not this guy.
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