Backlash Carmella vs. Charlotte...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. The Queen & Streak Breaker Charlotte

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  2. The Hot...But Lame Princess Carmella

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  1. #1 Grievous II, Apr 25, 2018
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    No...just let me explain...I swear this isn't my usual Bowing
    before my Bae, my Amazon, my Goddess Charlotte.

    I swear...

    You still there? Good...

    Now...lets get started.


    Carmella NEEDS to win this match...desperately.

    Let me explain.

    Carmella has been booked as nothing more than a joke
    since arriving on the main roster and I personally believe
    this is all because of Eva Marie being suspended when
    she was shortly before Summerslam 2016 & her deciding
    to take her red hair & breasts & go home.

    Carmella was turned heel shortly afterwards, feuded with
    Nikki Bella, was teamed with Blobfish Ellsworth & "won"
    the MitB contract only because of help from her friend
    who is a boy.

    It all reeks of "Carmella being subbed in for Eva" when
    you really stand back & observe it...and frankly it would
    have made more sense for Eva to have this booking & it
    would have allowed Carmella to stay a "scrappy face"
    possibly teaming up with Naomi because hey...they both
    like to dance right?

    In the last 16 months Carmella has only won 6 televised
    singles matches (including her cash in if you count it) &
    has never won a singles match on pay per view.

    Of her 6 victories...3 were against jobbers, 2 against
    Naomi & of course her cash in after the IIconics had
    done most of the work for her.

    (Seriously that double powerbomb on the outside was brutal)

    And of these 6 victories...only 2 of them were clean...
    and that is only if you include her cash in.

    Much like Nia Jax..her win/loss record is terrible & even
    though many will say wins & losses don't matter...they
    do to me.

    Carmella is nothing but a joke...a female clown without
    make up who I have begun describing as Hot...but Lame...
    because that's really the best way to describe her.

    Charlotte on the other hand...well...she's Charlotte Flair.

    We all know how successful she has been in NXT & the
    main roster & frankly the Queen has reached a stage in
    her career where she doesn't need a title around her waist
    to be star...especially after she was the first woman to defeat
    Asuka in the WWE (I'm still not sure how I feel about that).

    Now its possible Carmella was allowed to cash in after
    Wrestlemania simply to get that post mania pop (much
    like they did with Dolph Ziggler) & the WWE always
    intended to put the title back on Charlotte at Backlash...

    BUT...(Dakota Kai's Butt!)

    If the plan if to have Carmella carry that title for longer than
    a month...the WWE needs to allow her to finally achieve
    something of note on her own.

    Carmella NEEDS a clean win over Charlotte to retain at Backlash.

    She needs something so she can be more than just Hot...but Lame.

    Now of course I WANT Charlotte to regain the title so the
    WWE can book another match between her & Asuka (with
    Asuka going over this time) & possibly even booking a
    triple threat title match involving Becky Lynch as well...
    but if the WWE really want Carmella to amount to anything...
    she needs a clean win over Charlotte at Backlash.

    I don't care how they book it...have Carmella hit 5 superkicks
    if you want...have Charlotte pass out in the Code of Silence...
    just let Carmella achieve something important on her own.

    What do you guys think?

    Who will walk away from Backlash with the SDL Women's title?

    Will the IIconics or Absolution play a role in the match?

    Will Carmella finally achieve something on her own?

    Be sure to vote & leave your thoughts, comments & opinions below
    & be sure to check out the latest episode of the Cyborg & the Fox
    for more in-depth discussions about wrestling...and as always...
    I will see you all...Around the Traps.
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  2. Really, amigo? What have I told you about Dakota?

    On topic, I will make this short and sweet. Charlotte needs to retain because Carmella is annoying as hell and I just can't stand her.
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  3. Sorry...I couldn't help it...

    Who is retaining what now?

    I is confused...
  4. Sure, you couldn't....

    Yeah, I botched that. I meant to say Charlotte wins and gets the title back because Carmella is annoying as hell and I just can't stand her.
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  5. Just like Sin Cara...

    I want to like Carmella...but she's so lame I just can't.

    She looks great...but her voice makes my ears bleed
    & her win/loss record is just pathetic.
  6. I hate you so much right now for comparing me to Sin Cara...

    Yeah, I will probably never like Carmella even if they change her gimmick. She looks meh, but I do agree her voice is so annoying that I just mute my tv so I don't have to hear it.
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  7. I'm Sorry...

    You just don't like Carmella because she doesn't look like Asuka or Kairi...


    Muting the TV or simply skipping the segment is always an option.
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    Carmella's character is she is a undeserving champion. She's the chicken shit heel who has only gotten to the top because of help from other people. Thats why Charlotte isn't taking her seriously.

    Carmella should cheat to beat Charlotte. Only because I hate when titles change hands too much.

    For some reason I hate short title reigns. With a passion
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  9. Yes, that is the only reason, lol. Also, you say one more thing about that, we shall fight, good sir.

    Thus, I will mute my TV or simply do something else because why watch someone I can't stand.
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  10. Fight? Why? What did I do now? Is it because
    I mentioned your two waifus again?

    Hey I do that with the Plank of Wood on great for me!
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  11. You know what you did, amigo. We shall duel on 4th of May in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Great minds think a like then.
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  12. I can't say I blame her...Carmella is a fucking clown.

    Yeah...I get that...but Alexa Bliss is already playing that me something different please.

    Well...only if she cheats ON HER OWN and doesn't get
    any help from anyone else...sure. your long should Carmella hold the title for?
  13. Extreme Rules maybe. Maybe MITB. I presume she drops the belt back to Charlotte or to Asuka.
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  14. Yeah...I'm not going to be able to make that...Sorry.


    Extreme Rules is interesting because well...they could
    book her in a gimmick match which would actually allow
    her to retain the title easier than in a standard 1 on 1

    Of course if Charlotte regains the title at Backlash...they
    could book a Charlotte/Asuka rematch...with an EXTREME


    Last Woman Standing?
    30 Minute Iron Woman Match?
    First Blood Match?

    Sounds like a "Money Match" to me...possibly even a
    main event match...if the Plank of Wood wasn't in the

    MitB could also be the perfect night for her to drop the

    Say the 6 women (3 from RAW & 3 from SDL) have their
    MitB ladder match first...and then the winner cashes in on
    Carmella later that Ambrose did to Rollins in 2016.

    Carmella winning & losing the title via a MitB cash in
    would be cool wouldn't it?
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  15. #15 Redboy123@, Apr 25, 2018
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    One thing is for sure I would not have her go into Summerslam as champ.

    A series of ppv matches involving Charlotte and Asuka would be great. Does make me think why they even bothered to put the title on Carmella, if she is just going to lose it straight a way.

    Yeah that could be really good. That would probably be the most fitting way for her to lose her title. It would be an ironic comupance. I think WWE (and fans) forget sometimes that heels are not suppose to win the war. And heels like Carmell should be made to look stupid by the faces.

    Becky cashing in on Carmella would be extra fitting. Considering Becky was the one who got screwed out of the case last year. But I don't see Becky being champ any time soon.
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  16. I hope not...

    I think they need to do 3 Charotte/Asuka matches...
    I don't care when as long as they are on pay per view
    with one of them being a gimmick match of some kind.

    2 reasons...

    1). So the 1st woman with the MitB contract didn't end up as the female Moron Corbin...
    2). The Post Mania show pop...much like they did with Ziggler.

    Exactly...but the WWE can't even really book
    Faces properly anymore so what do you expect?

    Oh Hell Yes! I would be marking out hardcore for that...
    and I know the fans would be so into Becky getting that
    belt back...and it could possibly lead to a triple threat with
    Asuka & Charlotte later on down the line...which would be
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  17. WWE short terminism in a nut shell. I don't know why but I just think short reigns are really damaging to the belt. Don't mind it if its not a regular occurance...but it is.

    They can't book heels. Heels come first then the faces naturally follow. If you have a good heel, then you will inevitably get a babyface over.
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  18. I agree...and they can also be really damaging to a performer...

    *Looks at Sasha Banks & quickly looks away*

    I think the problem is the Heels are more interesting as
    characters and therefore the fans like them more than
    the faces.

    The WWE needs to make their Heels more unlikeable
    and develop their faces as real characters that the fans
    want to see win.

    But this entire problem stems from the top of the card...

    They can't even get their "Top Face" over as a
    that doesn't really bode well for everyone else lower on the
    food chain.
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  19. Cuz they put him against Brock Lesnar who everybody loves cuz he is a big bad guy who beats people up. Same with Joe. What is there to hate?
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  20. Again...a valid point that's right on the money...