Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. What kind of Cartoons did u guys grow up watching?

    I grew Up watching
    - Ren and Stempy
    - Roko's Modern Life
    - CatDog
    - Goosebumps (Seen almost all of them)
    - Bevis and Butthead (Stupid yet funny)

    Kids Cartoons:
    - Bear in the Big Blue house
    - Blue's Clue's
    - Hey! Arnold
    - KND (Kids Next Door)
    - Rugrats

    TV Serie:
    Alley McBiel
  2. i cant remember the original cartoons i watched as a kid (ones of the time).
    I always liked the older cartoons, Johny Bravo, Danger Mouse, Bat Fink among others. However now I have grown up more, I like a more mature cartoon, however i started of with Family Guy and American Dad.
    Right now I love Rick and Morty, The Venture Bros is an amazing cartoon and has many random jokes and gags in it that makes you really have to be clued up to get it. Another Adult Swim show i like has to be Mr Pickles, yet I still have no idea of how to describe it.
  3. Everything I watched all in 1 picture...

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  4. Oh yeah! I Remember:
    The bearenstien Bears, Winnie tbe Pooh, The Simpsons, INSPECTOR GADGET (Loved watching this and Saw both Movies too), The Chipmunks, Transformer's Cartoon version, BeatleJuice cartoon, Is what I remember watching too. Anything else in ur pic I dnt remember. @Just Kevin - Well, You are 15yrs older than me, then Thats prob why I've never seen anything else u hv posted on that pic.
  5. I remember that cartoon, too.
  6. Everything on Nickelodeon and the WB in the 90's.