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  1. As you can see we have added a currency system here at WWE Forums. Basically your "cash" goes up the more you post, make threads or refer new users. It's a great little plugin as we plan on having it so you can use the money you earned being active to purchase little features/presents on the site, like username changes etc.

    As noted before, you get cash by posting, making threads and referring new users. In time I will be making it so you get MORE cash-per-post/thread in the wrestling sections but I'll leave that for now. To see exactly how much you get for each thing, click here.

    If you want to see who currently has the most points, click here.

    Feel free to ask any questions regarding cash in this thread.
  2. So, regardless of how much we make each resets on the 1st of the next month? Doesn't that seem a little...futile? Couldn't you just have a monthly total and an "All-time" total?
  3. Why is it "futile"? It simply encourages you to contribute the same amount next month to receive the prizes up for grabs.

    By the way (applies to all), if you don't like the plugin, go rant about it via PM's. This is a thread based on questions regarding it.
  4. It was a question, which you have now answered. :smug:
  5. Is this your way of keeping us active? :otunga:
  6. How will integration with bets work if you reset the count?
  7. How about, having a total for the year? Like reset it every month but keep it accounted for and at the end of the year give the most active/highest $ amount member an award? Like a badge or something.
  8. Actually that's a good point; didn't even think of that. Not sure which approach to go for, reset it monthly or perhaps every 3-4 months so consistent betting winners can accumulate their winners over a decent period.

    Will think about that one.
  9. Seems fair. Nice new system. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. I think you should reconsider this completely. Part of the fun of these point plugins is competing for the most cash.
    Buying username changes won't be possible either if you reset them.
    I feel like an award isn't needed either, you can put a bunch of things up for sale, and work it in with bets for it to be fun enough.
  11. How would newer users even begin to compete with highly active users who have been active daily for 3-4 months? They couldn't. What fun would it be for them? I like the idea pitched for the monthly competition, I don't think we have enough "prizes" to put up for sale, unless I'm just not being creative enough lol.
  12. Then don't make it so more points = more fun on the forum. Offer fixed prices for things so we can all have them eventually. After that, it's just gambling with what you got on bets.. you can easily go from fifth richest to second richest with a clever bet.
  13. That actually sounds quite good. The idea of betting on a risky bet to catch up to the richest user with the potential of losing it all appeals to me, lol.

    That'll be how it's done then. Might be a decent idea to have a sidebar of the top 5 richest users. Could allow point-donations to return too.
  14. You'll have to be prepared for extra manual work though, you can sell whatever you like as long as you do it yourself. 1 month custom username colour = $500 for example, or maybe buy an award for $200.
  15. WTF CRAYO? U stole idea from Asteroid site do WTF?!
  16. If you are going to have things to buy, the money should not reset imo. You can reset is for the monthly award but if you reset it completely, people wont have a chance to buy anything.
  17. That's fine. Quite good suggestions actually. Will set up a page similar to the betting page with available things for sale.

    @Britanica: Already scrapped the reset ^^
  18. Something you can automate: A group members can buy into which removes ads/allows them to give more rep/allows them to view hidden users/just about anything you can give to specific groups.
  19. Another good idea. Wish you came up with these before I announced this thread lol.

    Though with the ad idea, we would have to make ads viewable to registered users then. But it would be nice for me to simply say "Reach X amount of cash to have them removed or upgrade" instead of forcing upgrades on them.
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