Cash System Updated.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I've added a few things you can buy with your cash here. I'll let you know about them.

    I've decided to have it so users can now purchase superstars with their forum cash. I know some might think I'm crazy as it's more income potentially taken away from the site, but I would rather a more enjoyable user experience. Some users don't have the capability to upgrade themselves and that's sad, so with this method you can spend $15 and get Superstar for free.

    Note: It lasts for only a year, if you purchase it with real life money it's lifetime. I'll probably up the forum cash price for this soon.

    In the near future I'm hoping to implement other subscriptions. Like paying $10 to access a group where you can have your name underlined, the same for groups with the italic effect instead.

    The shop lets you buy awards at the moment with your cash. I'm open for feedback for more items, I can add pretty much anything I think. The site sort of lacks awards that thanks activity (apart from the wrestling ones), so these are pretty handy.

    This is probably my favourite feature. You can purchase tickets with our lottery system and once a week it will announce a winner, where you can win $50 (atm, it'll probably increase). This can be awesome, as it's already pretty competitive trying to get to the top of the earners list, but someone winning the lottery turns it all on its head. Plus, it's more money you can earn with bets.

    I'm going to contact the developer of this plugin and see if I can afford to pay him to create a betting feature. At the moment it's all manual, but this way it'd be automatic (sort of) and integrate perfectly into our cash system.

    I hope you enjoyed the updates. I read any feedback as long as it's worth reading. Feel free to suggest stuff I can add as well.
  2. The purchase of groups to underline or italic username goes completely against your OCD over not having a message users online box.

    I do however like it, it's a lot like vbPlaza on vB.

    Lottery feature also rules.
  3. Those would be only for a limited period, like a week. I can live with that.
  4. This is awesome.
  5. Great update, I like it.
  6. Why does the "Bill Gates" award say it can be purchased for $50, but then the price shows $60?

    (GN = stickler)
  7. Good job guys.
  8. It doesn't. :isee:
  9. But....but it did just a minute ago! :blown:
  10. I think you're seeing things :pity1:
  11. I don't really pay much attention to the cash stuff, but as far as I know, this all sounds good, so way to go Crayo and whoever else may have been involved. :smug:

    Question on the lottery though, since I'm a know-nothing dweeb: do the tickets purchased carry over week to week, or after that week are they void?
  12. They're void afterwards, it acts just how a real-life lottery would act (I think - first time user myself).
  13. Ahh, good to know. Thank you, good sir.
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  14. What about my suggestion brahz?
  15. What suggestion brahz?
  16. Lolyourmemory

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