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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Yeah last night whilst editing people's cash (for the bets) everyone's cash just went up to 2,800+ for some unknown reason, so we had to reset it. Today I will be changing random people's cash throughout the day to test it. Apologies to those who had a lot, I remember the top 5 I think so I'm considering giving those a tiny head start.

    TLDR: Blame Hoss :pipebomb:
  2. I had around $4.70 if that helps.
  3. I was like $2 behind Britta, no lie.
  4. I also have a referral, but never got the $5.00. Just saiyan :otunga:
  5. I had $1.92.
  6. Hopefully everyone can earn it now too :bitw:
  7. By the way @[Crayo] did you get @[Danielson]'s message about sending me his cash? He said he PM'd you.
  8. > Tells you all an update on why cash has gone wild


    I will make a new thread near the time asking how much you all had. I'm not stupid though :tough:.
  9. Ok, ok, sorry. :shock:
  10. I haved like a $1.92 I think? PS SEE I KNEW HOSS COULD NOT BE TRUTHED I THINK HE DID TO KEEP THE CASH FOR HIMSELF! :pipebomb:! Told crayo it was bad move to make him an admin but u did want to leaning and now the is start to get fuck up already!
  11. Hey, I was fair. I gave everyone $2,863. Blame Xanth/Crayo for taking all that away. :tough:
  12. this is what have been when u have avobver crew guy become an admin! Told u crayo!
  13. Yeah I caught Hoss trying to GIVE HIMSELF LOADS OF MONEY!!!

    I gave him one more chance though Randy, I trust him now. Is this okay with you?
  14. Lies. Everyone had that money. :maybe:
  15. *Big Hoss Rambler gave himself everyone's money*


    Gave him another chance though dw, that cool with you Randy?
  16. Clearly edited. :tough:

    Randy, give me another chance? :please:
  17. *Big Hoss Rambler edited account "Respect Gohan 6245" at 15:05pm*

  18. Hope he doesn't find out that I added 'I love Big Hoss Rambler" somewhere in his signature. :silva:
  19. Think you posted that in the wrong thread, it's meant to go in the Admin section!!

    Hope he doesn't see it :urm:
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