Kayfabe Cashing In

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  1. *Tonight marks the new era in Precision, the teams have been drafted and making his way out to the ring is the third draft pick by Team Blue/Blake, Will Neilson. He is holding his Money in the Bank briefcase, Rhys Haze follows slowly behind him. Neilson poses on the ramp and walks down to the ring, he climbs in and raises the briefcase to the crowd, which gets him a very positive reaction, he hands the briefcase to Rhys Haze and grabs a microphone.*

    Will: It's great to be back people, my first Saturday Night Precision in about a month.... how cool is that! *Crowd cheer loudly* You may know that I used to be the happy go lucky guy that could never be put down.... that man is gone, this is the new Will Neilson.... I still love all you guys, and I'm pretty sure you still all love me, but as the competition grows here in Precision, I have no choice but to go big or go home! Rhys here feels the exact same... and that's why he is my best friend and tag team partner. Speaking of tag team partners... I face my good friend and member of Team Green, Antonio Stark. This is to earn points towards our teams totals... friend or foe... I will win.

    *Again there is a loud cheer, most of the audience like the new change in attitude from Will and Rhys, Will gets Rhys to hand him his briefcase back.*

    Will: *raises briefcase* I earned this... I fought for this... this golden briefcase can change a life, make your dreams come true.... and that's exactly what it's going to do for me! I officially cash in my Money in the Bank briefcase for an Undisputed Championship title match at Hell in a Cell! As for the stipulation.... you'll find out next week. However, I happen to be on the same team as the current champion Robert Blake, and his brother and current GM Ryan Blake. I know they might not like me doing this.... but it has to be done if I want to make a name for myself in this company! No one is going to stop me... no on-

    *Will is interrupted by Robert Blake's music, he tells Rhys to get ready as they both stand back ready to face what the new Undisputed Champion has to say.*


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  2. *Robert Blake begins to make his way to the ring with a mix reaction. He has both World titles with him in all their glory. He begins to get in the ring and death stares Will Neilson as Haze stays back. Will stands tall as does Robert Blake. Robert calls for a mic and begins to speak*

    Robert Blake: Some mighty big words coming from two little boys. How big is Haze? He looks like he's 7 or some shit......Go play with the Blade little boy. As for you Will....What do you want from all of this? You get injured and you want a match with me at Hell In A Cell? Bitch I am the God Of Darkness and I am the King of Hell! You're good....But you're not that good. What have you done here? You failed at becoming World champion.....You failed at becoming EU champion at Night Of Champions. Fair enough you are Mr. Money In The Bank! How many other people were in that match? Did I hear 3 people? How many people will you be going against at Hell In A Cell? One fucking person! Unlucky for you since you picked the one fucking person who beat the unstoppable Buster Gates and the first motherfucking unified World champion is history! Could you be anymore of a underdog, kid? You know you can't win and you know you're not better than me. You may be able to beat guys like that midget next to you but I'm a whole different ball game.

    *Robert Blake begins to laugh at Haze as he tries to run for Robert but Will stops him. Robert comes up closer to Will as they both get face to face*

    Robert Blake
    : I don't like good guys and that's what you are. I had to deal with Bryce Frisco for long enough so I ain't allowing another good guy like you to become world champ. You will win titles in your career but they won't be this one. You're that kind of kid that would be picked fourth or something....Not too bad but not great like me. I can see into your soul kid and it doesn't look good. Even ask Haze......He knows you can't win. If he's a good friend then he will tell the truth and let that be it. Don't trust him he says you can win because he would be lying at that point! You need to do yourself a favor and ditch those two clowns and become something on your own. I could 100% see you as a EU champion and I'm fine with that. But....You won't get anywhere with these kids holding onto your back. Hey! Maybe you will become World champion when I retire but you still need to let them go. We all know you're the one with talent in this team so be smart and turn your back on them......Become your own man.

    *Robert Blake backs up as Haze looks at him with anger in his eyes*

    Robert Blake: I don't mean you're bad or anything but he's just a little better. I could see Haze as a one week Iron Man champion or something. But you will see what I mean when I beat your little friend bloody this week. And you know what? I may even give him a one on one match for this title after I beat you to death at Hell In A Cell. I mean look at me guys! I have the two main World titles in wrestling with me right now. How can anyone beat me?! I am better than everyone! I am the only wrestler in history to do this and you both know that. And guys.....It was easy for me. Buster couldn't compete with my skill and Lukey didn't stand a chance. These people are the main event superstars but I beat them easy.....What does this make me? I'm the king of Precision and Exodus and all those superstars in the back should be grateful I'm even allowing them to wrestle here! I am the leader of Team Blue and my brother does what I say! He needed me to beat Buster Gates and that's what I did! You all should kiss my feet! I saved this company and you all fucking know it! Good luck at Hell In A Cell kid.....You'll need it.

    *Robert Blake drops the mic and begins to leave the ring. Will Neilson cuts him off before he can leave to the backstage area*
  3. Will: STOP!

    *Robert Blake turns round, he gives Will another stare before fully turning round and laughing at him. Will and Rhys get out of the ring and Will gets up in Robert Blake's face.*

    Will: Don't you think for one fucking second.... that you can come down here and disrespect me and Rhys like that! I don't give two shits that your the leader of my team, I don't care that you hold both world titles in Precision and Exodus... and I don't care that your corrupt big brother is running the show around here! You beat Buster Gates... that alone is a big achievement... I've lost to Buster Gates... but that was the weaker me! I'm not that man anymore! Hell in a Cell... me and you 1 on 1.... Ryan Blake is banned from ringside... and it's No Holds Barred. I may be the underdog.... but I'm the toughest underdog that you will ever face. I respected you.... I thought you'd come out here in a nice way and accept my challenge, and then go on to have an amazing match at Hell in a Cell.... but no... you get you Irish ass out here and talk shit about me and my buddy... and that I can't tolerate. I respect Victor Sokolov more than you.... and that's fucking saying something. Fuck off now, before me and Rhys break every bone in your body and I'll cash in here and now... so in the words of Gordon Ramsay... Fuck off.

    *Robert laughs off the words said by Will, and just shoves him a little bit. That was the wrong thing to do, Will punches him in the face so hard that Robert drops to the ground quicker than a fly. Blake backs off and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and runs off, he has left behind the Undisputed Championship. Will grabs it and raises it up high, the crowd cheer very loudly. Will and Rhys walk backstage.

    End of Segment.
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