Cashpoints per referral

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roi, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Do we get cash points for referrals ? Cuz today a fren of mine sign up cuz I showed him the forum and I didn't get the cash .. Do I need to ask for it or it will be sum up automatically ?
  2. Cashpoints for referral

    Says what you get cash for there (or click cash at the top). You get $5 per referral. The referee has to put your name in the referral box when he/she signs up, otherwise it won't get recorded.
  3. RE: Cashpoints for referral

    Yeah ... That's what he did .. But it didn't sum up..
  4. Hmm you're right, we need to fix our referral links.
  5. Yeah ...Thanks!


    If u are going to fix it , then just close this thread..
  6. Referral links are fixed, the friendly url "/ref-60" will now work, maybe. The referrer field has been removed from the register page @Crayo
  7. Didn't give me cash when I registered under my referral link :downer:
  8. It is the registration page.
  9. Then what about the referral we got...Are we gonna get the cashpoints?
  10. I'll add it to your account manually while this is being fixed.
  11. So, does this work when people regiister from my referral link now?
  12. Still not working :nogusta:
  13. About to get so many referrals. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:

    I'll add $5 for each referral from now on since it's not doing it automatically. Starting from 723 referrals.

    @Solidus @Crayo
  14. Yeah that's fair enough. Wow I've just seen what you have done :O.
  15. Yeh, start counting. 730 so far.

    I'm coming at you @Danielson :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  16. What about me ? 6 referrals and u just gave me 5NP .. Could u add them to me manually .. I got one more yesterday
  17. Anyone ?
  18. Done.

    Back to the old referral links now. It should now automatically give $5 NP cash whenever you refer someone.

    This is your referral link btw:
  19. Thanks I guess u can close it now. Thanks again!
  20. It still doesn't work unfortunately.
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