Casket match set for Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Danielson, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. Here is a legitimate transcript from Rain/snowman and I texting earlier

    Snow: What will they do tonight?

    It's the first unpredictable Raw in years!!!!

    Me: Lol hopefully empty arena matches. Wyatt buries Bryan in a buried alive match

    Well, Kane buries Bryan in a casket match instead on Thursday.

    I was totally kidding with Snow, but how fitting. I love it
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  2. lol wut

  3. It's booked for Thursday. I honestly have to give HHH credit, this is the best trolling in WWE history
  4. Yeah, I'm gonna LOL if Kane actually wins.
  5. You honestly have to. Simply brilliant
  6. This company's awesome. Seriously, though.

    First, they have Bryan eliminated in a shitty way and now they book him in a casket match with Kane (which he may as well lose)? It's so absurd that it's awesome now.
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  7. Another Kane match? Get hyped!

    WWE's stupid AF.
  8. If they used the match to write off Kane then I'll be perfectly fine with it, but if they literally want to bury Bryan then that's good too.
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    Well, ain't this fabulous?

    But anyways, I hope they write off Kane that way, so in the spirit of that... KILL BRYAN KILL
  10. So, what's the point of continuing the feud with Kane? Where is it leading to? If Bryan had won the Rumble, then at least defeating Kane for good would have the dynamic of 'killing' one monster before you make your way up to the biggest one of all (i.e. Brock Lesnar.) The fact that Kane is the guy responsible (in kayfabe) for injuring Bryan and forcing him to give up the title in the first place would make beating him right before you finally try to reclaim the championship all the more fitting. (Heyman could also later cut a promo saying that going through Kane and going through Brock Lesnar are two entirely different things since Brock is the one who broke Kane's brother's undefeated streak, blah blah blah.)

    As it is now, I don't see any reason for Bryan to continue his feud with The Authority since they've got no reason to even hold Bryan down anymore, at least for the time being.
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  11. Gotta love a good old casket match. Hopefully D-Bry doesn't get backdropped on it like his mentor Obi Wan HBKenobi.
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  12. Rooting against Bryan as always. Love to see his fans react when they don't get their way.
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  13. If he loses they're not happy. If he wins, they're happy but if he started winning too much then OH NOES he'd be Super Bryan and that would be bad. He better be careful, their love is fickle and a new midget who does some of Benoit's moves could be on the horizon.
  14. People still using size as an argument in 2015? :hmmm:
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  15. I like Bryan a ton, dude. I'm not making any argument against him or against little men in wrestling.
  16. idk what you're talking about...I'm all for this match. I feel that this win will be good for Bryan and then he can move past Kane and hopefully have some great build up for Mania....I'm hoping that he fights The Rock (here's to wishing) at Mania....that would be simply amazing....imagine the promos between those 2....
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  17. In my opinion: The problem isn't if Bryan is booked to win all the time or not, rather how he is booked to win. A wrestler who wins a lot but uses different means to win is fine. It becomes an issue when the booking becomes particularly Cena-ish and it is the same thing week in and out. And blame for that has to be put at least in part on the booker, not just the talent himself.
  18. Lesnar vs Reigns, Bryan vs Rock and Sting vs Triple H... That triple main event would make for the best PPV of all time. Add in some good micard stuff including Ziggler vs Barrett, Cena vs Rusev, Mizdow vs Miz/Cody vs Goldust and Usos vs Ascension... Damn it, that is awesome.
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  19. Bryan vs Rock sounds fun!
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