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Concerns for the wrestler’s personal safety then led to police calling an ambulance for him.

By most accounts, it appeared CazXL’s life and career were headed in a new direction. Since his WWE release and a scary incident at a House of Hardcore show last December where he suffered a seizure, the former Big Cass has opened up about his drinking problem and mental health issues. He met with Diamond Dallas Page, and the results of a new training and diet regimen were evident from his look. Just the other day, he was telling the media he was in contact with WWE, and open to returning without his controversial friend & tag partner nZo (fka Enzo Amore).

But based on fan accounts being shared on social media and this report on PWInsider about his Saturday night (Sept. 14) at the WrestlePro show at the Rahway Rec Center in New Jersey, it seems there’s still plenty of reasons to be concerned about the direction of Caz’s life and career.

The Return to Rahway event was a farewell to WrestlePro owner Pat Buck, who recently signed on as a producer with WWE. Unfortunately, while the night eventually went as planned for Buck, first he had to physically confront & restrain the seven footer after several incidents caused by Cass’ “‘aggressive and erratic’ backstage over the course of the evening”.

Examples in the PWInsider report include:

  • Cass continued to “be loud and belligerent towards Janela” even after WrestlePro booker Kevin “KM” Matthews intervened. Janela’s opponent on the card, Dan Maff, got involved and threatened to “handle the situation”. That was defused by moving Janela and Maff to separate room so they could put together their match away from Cass.

  • He then proceeded to accuse others in the locker room of stealing his sweater, and threatening to “take care” of everyone backstage.

  • That led to the incident with Buck. Cass got involved with Buck and Janela’s fellow AEW stars SCU, who were working on the main event segment. He accused them all of stealing his stuff, and allegedly dared Buck to do something about it and spat in the owner’s face.

  • Buck is said to have taken Cass down with one punch. As he was being restrained, Insider’s sources say “his entire demeanor changed as he went from aggressive and threatening to questioning why he was hit and asking what was going on”. Local police who happened to be at the building were asked by the promotion to escort him out, and did so.

Obviously, this led to a lot of ill will backstage. The sentiment is that WrestlePro was giving Cass a chance to continue to rehabilitate his image with a surprise appearance in the show’s battle royal, and instead he was unprofessional and disrespectful.

Based on these reports, and his previous disclosures about substance abuse and mental illness, there’s reason to believe this wasn’t simply a case of Cass being unprofessional. Stories from outside the Rahway Rec Center, which include his “loudly making remarks about himself to the point that concerned authorities called for an ambulance to take Cass to transport him to a local hospital” only emphasize the point that man is struggling with more than just his job.

While it was certainly more stressful than planned, it’s good that Pat Buck’s colleages, friends, and fans were able to honor him on Saturday.

One last time at @WrestlePro we love you @buckneverstops thanks for everything man

— GO PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING (@GOProWrestling) September 15, 2019
While everyone else focuses on the one bad thing I’ll focus on the countless good things that happened! This show was fn AWESOME! Everyone kicked ass and I couldn’t be more proud of our locker room. All the matches delivered. Tonight was truly special. Thank you to all who came!

— KM / Kevin Matthews (@Superstar_KM) September 15, 2019
The perfect way to say goodbye! Love Rahway and @WrestlePro . Pay it forward, and thank you everyone for all the .

— Pat Buck (@buckneverstops) September 15, 2019
Hopefully, Cass is getting the immediate help he needs in New Jersey today. Sounds like he has a long road ahead of him, with or without wrestling. We’ll keep you updated on this story - and his.

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